When To Skimp and When To Splurge

Skimp or SplurgeIf you are into fashion and want to learn when to buy, when to skimp and how to find the bargains, you have come to the right place. You must be a savvy shopper who can find trendy items at the lowest cost. So I am going to teach you how to shop prudently.

Splurge on a suit

Keep the largest portion of your budget to purchase a suite of good quality and that is timeless. You will look professional and the suit will last longer. You will need a suit with wool fabric for all year round. Be attentive to how the suit is cut and its fit. You should go for a polished look.

Spare the Accessories

You can end up wasting money on purchasing expensive accessories. You will go into a store to buy a safari sundress that cost $300. The salesperson then tries to get you to buy the matching necklace, scarf and belt for the same amount of money. You could end up walking out of the store with a $1200 bill and then the following season, it goes out of style. Although, accessories are essential to completing your outfit, you have to be careful not to buy accessories for every outfit in your closet.

Splurge on the Essentials

When you can skimp on those trendy summer tops and cute t-shirts at H& M store, you should splurge and invest in the nice cashmere sweater, a white stretch t-shirt and the model shirt. The fashion rule is to count the cost of something and then divide it into the amount of times you will wear it. Is it worth paying that amount?

Pinch on Casual Shoes

Casual shoes should not be expensive. Search for seasonal sales at stores like Neiman Marcus and Sacs Fifth Avenue so that you get a good pair of casual shoes for less. Discount stores such as TJ Max will offer bargains. Visit department stores like Target and Walmart. You will find decent shoes at inexpensive prices. Save your money for the shoes that will matter later on!

Withhold Money on Jeans

Women love jeans, but some like to buy those that are pricey designer jeans. That is uncalled for. The designer label has no bearing on whether you look good or not. The most important thing is to locate a pair of jeans that fit perfectly; no matter what the price. Don’t be concerned with the label. Be mindful that no one cares about designer labels as long as you are looking fabulous in your perfectly fitted jeans.


There are certain things that you should have in your closet like a pair of black pants, a nice white top and a black dress. The rest comes with the budget you are working with. Remember, fashion is in and it is out! So shop carefully.

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