What Your Clothes Say About You


What you wear says a lot about you. In other words, people judge you by first appearance or impression. When you dress, you should consider the occasion and purpose. You don’t want to wear a skin tight pair of jeans at a formal event unless you add a long jacket, scarf and possible accessories to the ensemble. Your attire speaks volumes about your personality, taste and attitude. Your attire can provide information to others about the type of work you do, your goals, spending habits and feelings. The apparel choices you make can determine how you view yourself as well. Even deeper, shopping for clothes for many of us gal is like therapy and sometimes we tend to pick up items according to our emotions instead of being practical.


One piece of clothing that you can never leave out of your closet is that little black dress. A blazer or pair of pumps follows suit. The little black dress with a blazer and pump projects an image that is chic, positive and in some cases, elegance. These items are classics because they have various functions, excellent for any age group and body type.

Distinctive Colors

Color is also important in projecting a certain image. If you wear a lot of neutral colors, it may project that you are conservative. If you wear a lot of bold colors, you are not afraid to try new things and take risks. If you wear a variety of colors, you are outgoing and not wary of meeting new people or being in different social situations. Clothes allow you to experiment with colors, expressing yourself in different ways. Believe it or not, color has a psychological effect. For example, red shows that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Dressing the Brand

If you find a woman who loves to wear name brand clothing, you could probably surmise that she is hiding her true identity. While designer clothing is great, you don’t have to own every piece of clothing in a designer brand. For a woman who does that, she could be judged as being superficial and egotistical. It is as if you are shouting how important you are – to the world and you don’t have to do that.

Unworn Apparel

Some women buy clothes and never wear them. The ones that are hanging in your closet without being worn show that you may have something in your past that you are holding on to. It could simply be someone holding on to a piece of garment until it comes back in style. Wear your clothes so that it can do the talking for you!


I have found that the type of clothes I wear can greatly impact my day, my surroundings and what others think about me. I think most of us gals dress to match our emotions. Do you choose your ensemble the night before or in the morning when you wake up? Does your garment relate to your attitude for that day? That could be the determining factor in what you actually wear and how people view your attitude. Let us hear what you think by leaving your comments below.

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