What type of dress do I wear if my calves are heavy?


Are you one of those gals who can hardly fit into a pair of skinny jeans or a pair of boots due to wide or heavy calves? Have you stopped wearing mini dresses due to your large ankles? You are not alone. Believe me! There are many women who endure this frustrating flaw, but you can turn this into your own fashion statement. So don’t be discouraged. Although, you are unable to alter heavy calves, you can hide those flaws in a variety of ways. Here are a few tips to instantly turn heavy calves and large ankles into one of elegance.

Wise Shoe Choice

The right choice of shoes is important to reducing the look of heavy calves and to make your ankles appear much slimmer. One of the things you should NEVER do is to wear ankle straps. It doesn’t matter how appealing a pair of ankle strap shoes may be. If you are heavy on the calves, this is not going to help. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s move on.


Like ankle strap shoes, don’t wear your skirts below your knees if the hem doesn’t fall to the narrower section of your calves. Avoid wearing that mini dress, if you are not going to consider covering up those heavy calves. In addition, wearing a skirt that complements your body means that you also have to pick the right pair of shoes. If you are a person that loves to wear pair of flats with your skirt, make sure that the shoes are nude. Stay away from dark shoes since they shorten the legs and make the calves look heavier. A nice mid-calf skirt with a pair of nude medium heeled shoes will do wonders for heavy calved women. Higher heels will do the opposite.


Now for the pantyhose – do you really need it? Of course, while most pantyhose won’t make your legs slimmer, you could think about wearing darker stockings or tights during the winter months. During the summer, pantyhose might be too hot. The solution: make sure you tan those legs in the summer or apply airbrush to the legs to pull it off.

Other Options

It can be very challenging to dress like a fashionista with heavyset calves and thick ankles. If you are genetically predisposed in that way, then that is where the challenge exists. Here are some other options to consider.

  • Wear clothes that stretch and are not clingy
  • Wear your pants with wider legs
  • Opt for long skirts and dresses
  • Choose skirts that fit just below the largest part of your calf
  • Loose shorts
  • Shoes with similar colored pantyhose


The bottom line is that you should take pride in your body as long as you learn how to work with it. Many of us gals have struggled with our body type. So always remember that no matter if your legs are fat or your waistline is bulgy, you are still unique. Own the shape you have and always love who you are!


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