What To Wear To A Holiday Party


It is a given that each year, we as women have to face the holiday seasons and it is right upon us as soon as the year begins. As soon as Thanksgiving Day is over, it is time to plan for a holiday party. We love the holidays because we get to reunite with family and attend various parties and functions, but most of all, we love the idea of dressing up.

However, if you have a tight budget, it can be challenging to shop for that holiday party ‘get up.’ Wait….you don’t have to go shopping – unless you really want to. The exciting part of it is that you get to go in your wardrobe and pick different items of clothing to create a unique ensemble. Why not try that instead of shopping? Remember, even though, the party may take place every year, it is just a single annual event and you don’t have to spend too much on a dress that you may only wear once, right?

Cocktail Dress

Most people opt for a cocktail dress. You can choose one in different colors such as black, silver, gold and red. Of course, these usually have a metallic or sequined finish. You can wear the same black dress you wore last year and just dress it up with different accessories and shoes. In fact, you can alter the entire look with a little ingenuity.

Black Slacks

You can choose a pair of dressy black slacks and wear it with a tailored top. If you already have a formal pair of black pants, you could go out and get an inexpensive top. It could be one with shiny details in the front so you can stand out.

The Peplum Options

Peplum top and a pair of pants are excellent options. Peplum has been one of the most common fashion trends and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It can look chic with a pair of pants or skirt. To glamorize the outfit, choose a metallic sandals or heels and accessories.

The Little Black Dress

That little black dress will always make a statement at any party, if you know how to dress it up with some sexy heels, nice clutch purse, cocktail ring, dangling earrings, long necklace and flawless makeup. You could opt for a wide statement necklace, if the black dress has a wide neck. You could wear an antique brooch on the dress to improve its elegance.


Shoes are important to a holiday party outfit. If the shoes aren’t right, you don’t have a winner. Choose your shoes careful. Although, you can still look nice in flats, it is more ideal to wear medium heel, pumps or high heel. Stay away from boots or booties. Those are too casual. You can go for strappy too – in order to add some sophistication and appeal. The right shoes can instantly change the look of your outfit.


At any holiday party, you want to look the part – a fashionista diva! You don’t have to break the bank to do so. Search your wardrobe first before venturing out in the shopping mall. I am sure you have plenty of items in your closet to choose from. Do you have any other holiday party wear that you want to share with our readers? If so, leave your comments below.

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