What Do You Consider Flattering Apparel



Many of us consider flattering apparel in different ways. I personally think apparel is flattering when it complements your body type – period! However, it could also be in the type of clothing that makes you feel confident and the ones that exemplifies your personal style. Everyone will have varying opinions about this. You can be flattering in t-shirts and jeans, if that is your personal taste. You can wear it with such grace and confidence that you will cause people to pay attention. Someone else with low self-esteem will wear the same outfit and not get the same reaction.

What does flattering mean?

To me, flattering when it comes to clothing means something that you wear to transform your body to possibly look taller and thinner, if that is what you are trying to accomplish. If you have physical flaws, which we all have, then you want to wearing clothes that cover up those flaws. When you can successfully hide wrinkles, cellulite and love handles with clothing, I call that flattering. Some people may want to stick to tradition and will turn their noses up at a woman over 50 who wear certain clothing. If she feels good about her choice, I personally would not call it non-flattering. If you have aged and can still wear a mini skirt, by all means do so? If you are short and petite, you can probably get away with the mini skirt, but does it really matter that much? You have to be confident in who you are.

It is your body

Focus on your body. Make decisions as it relates to your body type. If you put on a skirt that makes your legs look more appealing or wear a tunic to hide your bulging waistline, then who is to say that you don’t feel beautiful like any other woman. This is the most important thing to me and it should be to you too! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You are the beholder in this case. So put more emphasis about how you feel when you get dressed.

Wardrobe selection

With that being said, there is room for making changes to your wardrobe selection. Don’t be afraid to try new things. However, stay away from clothing that shows up your imperfections. It could be a bubble dress that is perched on top of your buttocks. It could be a tight pair of pants where the pockets don’t lay flat because of your large hips. No one person can wear every type of fashion trend. It is just not possible. Seek out styles that are comfortable, but fit your body type.

Things to consider

You don’t want to wear something that digs into your skin, makes you have to be pulling on it to keep it in place or possibly a top that shows too much cleavage. If you have a large waistline, stay away from anything elastic or your love handles will be accentuated. Color also has a lot to do with flattering clothes. Choose colors that match your complexion.


Do you wear clothes that flatter your body type? Have you ever worn clothes that don’t flatter your body? We would love to know what you think. Leave your comments below.

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