Wearing Summer Fashion


Summer is the time when we wear fewer clothes – at least some of us because of the heat. It is the time when there are some trendy fashion apparels that you can dress in. Of course, during the summer, we spend more time outdoors – at the beach, park picnics, and the mall and wherever else you want to go have some fun or hang out. How you dress determines your confidence. As you begin to fill up your summer calendar, one of your ‘things to do’ would be clothes shopping, don’t you think? Of course, that is what we gals do best! It can be a little awkward to dress suitably for work while remaining cool during the summer heat and still manage to look chic and stylish, but you can pull it off with some ingenuity and creativity.

Here are some ideas of how to look professional, casual, trendy and cool in the summer heat:

Wearing White

Trading in your black outfit for a white ensemble can be quite difficult for the office, but nothing is better in the summer heat than the color white. For the office, go for white oxford tops. Remember, that black draws heat while white keeps you cool. A white blazer is ideal for those days when you are in an office meeting for longer than you would care for. Pair this white blazer with a nice pencil or midi skirt. Make sure the skirt is floral print or some other fun color. For white bottoms, wear floral or pastel print tops and your white blazer. You will definitely stand out in a crowd.

The Skater Skirt

What’s classier in the summer than a nice skater skirt? You will look fierce and fabulous no matter where you are. This fashion trend is no longer seasonal, but year round. In fact, it has been a fashion trend for a while now. You can wear it during the hot summer days and at night with the cool breeze cascading down your legs. The loose fit can flatter your body. For the workplace, though, wear one that fits just above the need, but not too short.


A cutout dress is ideal for the outdoors or a summer party, but if you wanted to risk this for the office, then be sure to cover it up with a jacket, blazer or cardigan. For tops, be sure there is not too much cutout. Cover up the bust line as much as possible. Off the shoulder is good for ‘out of the office.’ If the cutout is in the back of a dress, a blazer can hide it for the office. Baring your stomach, though, is definitely not for the office, but you can try that on the beach.


If you are a summer fashion diva, it is time to go shopping for the office and out of the office. If you have to dress conservatively for the office, why not bring an extra outfit for after work partying? Nothing is wrong with working in a suit all day and putting on your skater skirt or cutouts for some night activity. Let us know what you think about this. Leave your comments below.

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