Tuxedo Rules for Women


Have you gotten a black tie invitation in the mail and don’t know what to wear? You might be wondering what is expected of you. You are not the typical female who loves long gowns, but would rather wear a tuxedo, right? You are not alone. Many gals are jumping on the tuxedo bandwagon and you can too. A tuxedo on a woman equates to her having self-confidence and accepting herself, knowing who she is and not caring the least what others might think. If that describes you, then read on.

The Tuxedo

The tuxedo should never be considered just a classy substitute for the evening gown. It has graced many runways since the 1970s. It is a provocative piece of garment, sleek with double meaning – male and female. The pantsuit allowed the woman to experiment in the man’s world against all odds. Not every woman can take this garment on, assuming the man’s shroud of power and his cape of charm. In many ways, the woman wearing the tuxedo seems to be teasing the man, and making him notice the emotional power that she has.


Fashion is an important role player in the social treaty. If a man were to enter a room with a skirt on or enter a business meeting with a flannel suit and high heels, what would everyone think? Yes, in some cultures, men wear skirts, but they rename it as kilts in the Scottish culture. Only a woman can pull off wearing a tuxedo and still call it what it is.

The Rules

When a woman wears a tuxedo, she should never wear it with a man’s shirt. Instead, she should still have her frilly blouse or seductive top. This still reminds us that she is a woman. Instead of wearing men’s shoes, she should opt for a pair of loafers or high heels. While there are huge various on specific themes, these rules are already set in place. Unlike the man, the woman’s tuxedo does not have to be well-tailored. She can rent a tuxedo while the man shouldn’t – just in case it needs altering for a tailored fit.

What is expected?

The key to a woman wearing a tuxedo is comfort. She doesn’t want to feel as if she has to hold her neck high over a bow tie or stiff with a well-ironed shirt. She wants to still feel sexy and feminine. She also has the option to choose any color while it is expected that the man wear a black or dark blue tuxedo. She can wear a bow tie, if she wants, but a frilly top will make a whole lot of difference. This helps her and others to identify with her gender. She can wear a single or double breasted tux, but a double breasted would be more ideal. If you are going to act the part, go all the way, right? Most men wear double-breasted tux to black tie events. Why should women be any different?


Have you worn a tuxedo before at any event? What if you could, would you do it? Let us hear your comments. Our audience would love to know what you think. Leave your comments below.

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