The Effects of Divorce for Baby


There has been a lot written about the rising divorce rates for people in the Baby Boomer category while people from other generations are keeping their marriages. The rate has increased to 50% of Baby Boomer divorces. It is not easy to find out why this is taking place. Is this the same trend that will affect other generations as they age? Or, is there something about the history of the Baby Boomer generation that makes us more impatient? No matter what the reason for this increasing divorce rate, the fact that many are separating from each other so late in their lives is cause for major concern. It will definitely impact society as a whole.

Impact on Family and Friends

The increase of divorce after the age of 50 will affect social relationships, housing and the health system. There is definitely major effects of divorce after age 50 in terms of social issues. When you divorce late in life, you stand the chance of losing out on constant contact with friends and loved ones, especially those who were connected to your partner. The mother-in-law and step-child that you once loved is going to feel as if they have to choose sides. Joint friendships will be affected because friends are going to generally be loyal to the person they knew first. Of course, it is not good to stay in an unhealthy relationship, but before you leave, you should consider the consequences of your decision. If you have no other choice but to leave, take time to redefine the extent of our relationship after the divorce.

Keep the Family Ties

When you divorce at an older age, the family ties are fragile. What used to be a close relationship can be strained, especially if partners are disputing. Keep in contact with your children, if you had any with your partner. If there were step-children involved, don’t isolate from them. As long as they want a relationship with you, then you should do the same. However, don’t bad mouth your divorced partner in front of the kids. You don’t want to put them in an uncomfortable position.


You probably will have a lonely spell until you can possibly make new friends and amicable connections. But after the divorce, don’t spend time in self-pity. Don’t become a house rat. Give yourself some time to heal, but get back out there and meet new people. You would be surprised how rewarding that can be when you are in your 50s. You no longer have much reservation as you did while married so you will be open to new adventures. If you choose to stay by yourself, you will end up being depressed and miserable. When you are single and divorced, you might find yourself downsizing to a smaller home and making certain concessions to your new marital status. If you have to seek out a roommate to share expenses and space, by all means do so. This may be the perfect opportunity to drown out the loneliness.


Maintain your independence no matter what your marital status so that you can be prepared if divorce is the only option. If you get divorced, remember that you aren’t the only one. Take this time to pursue your passion and purpose. It is not the end of your life. Let us hear what you think by leaving your comments below.

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