Stylish Fashion Changes for 2015

Do you have a New Year’s resolution for your wardrobe? Didn’t think of that, right? You can introduce some stylish fashion changes for 2015. We have put together several suggestions that you may not have thought of. Get your wardrobe in shape for the New Year. You may have to visit the gym first to shed some of the pounds you put on during the holiday, but buying new clothes can be an added motivation to getting in physical shape and buying new clothes.

Elevate Your Fashion Sense

It is time to elevate your fashion sense for 2015. It will give you confidence and change your whole look. You could end up creating your own fashion statement by making some strategic changes to your wardrobe. And don’t be alarmed. You don’t have to cut your hair, layer your face with makeup or put on a full orange outfit. Take small steps and here is how.


Bag and Denim Substitution

You can substitute a black bag you take to work every day with a brightly colored chain strap bag instead. Wear it with a wide-legged jeans and a cream top. Swap your skinny jeans with vintage jeans, high waist and medium wash. Wear these with flat loafers and a bomber jacket made of silk fabric.

Shoe Replacement

If you used to wear stilettos, change to platforms with chunky heels. Combine this with transparent tights and a nice A-line shift dress. Flat, long boots and a floppy hat will go well with a unicolor outfit. Make sure that the outfit is inspired by a mixed-print Woodstock look.


Jacket and More

Instead of sleeveless coat, get a lighter jacket and wear it with a pencil skirt and V-neck sweater. Go even a step further by replacing your wide-legged pair of pants with some long culottes. Wear this with a turtleneck and clogs.

Bright Hues

Color will bring out your personality and change your mood. So don’t be afraid to wear color. Choose colors such as hot pink, green, purple, jade, orange and red. Select the right accessories to go with this. Fashion shouldn’t be boring. It should be fun.


Most of us consider accessories as the final touch to an ensemble. Yes, you are right. Check your accessory drawer to make sure you have colors that can go with any outfit. Look in the mirror before leaving the house to ensure that your accessory is in order and your ensemble is far from being bland.


Ok, so what about the shoes that you no longer put on your feet or that sweater you loved, but it is covered with lint balls? It is time to throw them out, right? You spent money buying them, so take care of your clothes and shoes. Read the inside tag to see how to care for them. Don’t just throw everything all at once in the washing machine. Have a few pair of shoes and switch them up from time to time.


Plan your outfit. This means you should give it some thought before buying or wearing. Have you practiced any of these fashion changes yet? 2015 is already here. You should have thought about this prior to 2015. If you have not, it is not too late. Which one of these would you try? Let us know in the comments below!


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