Slimming Swim Wear for the Summer


Do you want an instantly slimming figure this summer? Have you ever tried on a slimming swim wear in the past? Do you think it is possible to look slimmer in a swim suit? These are questions that many women would love to know the answers to.

Choose Wisely

You can look better this summer in swim wear that hides your bulges, whether in the midsection or elsewhere on your body. Some will allow you to have an immediate waistline. So you must choose your swim wear wisely. Be sure to choose one that provides good bra support. Don’t settle for the suit because it has a bra underwire only for looks. It must also be functional and able to support your boobs.

Too Haute Cimarron

This type of bathing suit has shirring in front, which gives it a tremendous display that discreetly hides the stomach and reduces the waistline, buttocks and hips. It comes with a halter strap and concealed underwire, adding fascinating appeal and control. It is made of lycra and spandex material for durability and good fit.


Whether you want to believe it or not, additional ruched, shirred or draped material in the areas that you want to hide can restructure your shape. This makes it look as if you have curves where there weren’t any. It also concurrently diminishes unwelcome bulges. With this swim wear, your body is transformed right before your very eyes!

Ruffles or Fringes

Don’t equate ruffles or fringes to bathing suits that little girls wear. That is no longer the case. Ruffles and fringes can improve your physique and give you a boost, especially if you have a small chest or flat buttocks.


You probably didn’t think that shapewear can be worn as a bathing suit to the beach or pool. Now, who is going to be able to tell that you have shapewear on – if you don’t tell? No one! There are many stylish shapewear that give an immediate slimming effect, structure and support. You will feel proud about wearing your shapewear on the beach – in the sun and sand.


If you have a belly pooch that stands out in your swimsuit, you could settle for a high-waisted two piece for the summer. Make sure it is cut at the narrowest point and not the widest point of the waistline. These kinds of bottoms will give you the slimming power you need!

Optical Illusion

Have you been honored to see a painting of optical illusion where shapes are intertwined in the artwork? The same is possible with a swimsuit. It gives your body the same power.

Small Prints

Similarly to optical illusion prints, smaller prints will disguise anything that is underneath. Some of these smaller prints include polka dots and florals, adding a smoke screen to what you want to hide.

Structured Bust Line

If you have a large bust line, get a swimsuit that adds more structure. You don’t want to have a wardrobe malfunction by choosing the traditional bikini top that makes you sag.


Highlight the smallest body part with a belted suit. You will instantly boast an hourglass figure, adding a fun element to a basic silhouette.


This summer, you should be ready for a new look with the swim suits mentioned here. If you want to look amazing, then choose one that is right for your body type. Let us know if you have any added suggestions by leaving your comments below.

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