Slim Down Looks in Winter Garments


While many of us don’t mind dressing in chunky knits and coats for the winter, these stapled apparel for the cold wintry weather have their negatives. First of all, you cannot get to show off your magnificent outfit with a heavy jacket on. And, secondly, you can get quite hot in so many layered clothing. I mean, there is nothing flattering about bulky winter garments. Here are some styling tips for the winter to make you feel and look fabulous, giving you a slim down appearance with the bulky winter clothing.

Put a belt on

If you have to wear an oversized jacket, you can still have a slimming waistline with a belt. Cinching that waist can be the difference between looking frumpy and bringing out your fabulosity. It is the proven way to add curves to your winter outwear.

Update your look

If you live in an area where there is snow, high heels are not going to be the norm. In fact, it can be a big challenge. Instead, you have to wear booties, but you can wear one with a little height to it for an everyday addition to your ensemble.

Accentuate your curves

Show off your curves with a luxe cashmere clothing item. In addition to being warm, the material will last you for many winters to come. It is comfortable without adding layers of clothing to your ensemble.

Dress your legs

Your legs also need warmth during the winter, but you should also create an illusion to big thighs with dark jeans and black knee high boots. This will give you a slimming effect.

Fitted Sweater

A tailored or fitted sweater is ideal for that slim down. In addition, if you were to wear a color blocked sweater, it would even make a bigger difference. Go for bolder colored (color block) sweaters with a pair of skinny jeans. People will notice a leaner torso.


Lots of layered clothing can bulk you up. However, if you layer appropriately, it can streamline your looks. A vest with a slender ombre sweater inside will reduce the bulk. A blanket wrap is not only trendy, but a silhouette deliverer. If your figure is pear shaped, this will look really nice on you. The ombre draws the attention to your top and the dark color on the bottom creates a slimming effect. Wear this outfit with a pair of ankle booties.

Right pair of pants

If you wear the right pair of pants, you will cinch your waistline and more attention will be on your pants instead of a bulky top. A pair of high waist pants will give you a tapered style. If your bottom is heavier than the top, opt for a pair of baggy pants.

Draped clothing

Wear clothing that will be draped around the body such a wrap dress or bodycon dress under your winter coat. It fits snug to the body so the heavy jacket won’t look as bulky like it would with a shift dress, for example.


You can still feel and look fab in winter clothing. You just have to be creative and wear clothes that fit your body shape. Do you have any suggestions for our readers? Leave your comments below.

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