Plan a Girl’s Weekend Getaway


If you want to get away with your girlfriends, there are different weekend destinations that you can travel to such as a refreshing spa or a weekend retreat. It is going to depend on what everyone in the group wants to do. It also will depend on what the other group members like when it comes to having fun.

Weekend Escapade

You could bring up the idea of a weekend escapade to cities where there is enjoyable nightlife for those who love music and partying. There are a lot of destinations like this for a memorable girl’s trip. The important thing is that you plan what type of activities you could all engage in together. For example, find out if the group wouldn’t mind touring a winery, dressing up for drinks on a rooftop bar in Los Angeles, getting pampered with massages on a beach in Puerto Rico or bonding on a hiking trail in the hills of Colorado.

New York City

If you and your girlfriends don’t mind the city lights of New York City, it is the ultimate weekend get-away for the diverse gals who want to indulge in everything. During the day, you will all go shopping at the high-end fashionable stores along Fifth Avenue, do a tour of the modern art museums and during the night, you could go to a Broadway theatre show, hang out at Time Square and then hop into the club to dance and mingle.

Las Vegas, Nevada

If you want an ‘all night’ blast in a city where ‘what happens there, stays there,’ then a weekend in Las Vegas, NV is the best option. No other place across the nation spells entertainment and enjoyment like this city does. During the night, you can go to the casino to win big bucks with your girls, dance until morning, or go to a glitzy cabaret show. To unwind the next day, you can get some TLC at the spa, hang out at the pool side or go shopping.

Miami Beach, Florida

If you love the summer climate and night life, you will want to plan your weekend trip around South Beach in Miami, Florida. Many celebrities hang out there. It is also the ideal place for pampering at various luxurious spas. You can shop for designer clothes or lay on the sandy beach giggling like school girls. Don’t forget the amazing restaurants with a multitude of different cuisines. It is a multicultural experience.

Planning the Trip

Before you go on the trip, you will need to figure out which one of your girlfriends share the same interests, have the same energy level and don’t mind trying something new. You don’t want any dull and boring friends on this trip. You also have to decide what the trip is about. Is it just a weekend celebrating an occasion or just a trip that anything goes? How many people do you want on the trip? Decide on the exact date so it matches everyone’s schedule. Work out the cost to see if everyone agrees. Choose the accommodations with help from the group including who will share rooms and then make the reservations.


If you want to go on a trip with girlfriends, work out the details, set the date and just do it. You will definitely have fun and bond closer to your fun pals. Let us know what you think. Leave comments below.

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