I was very unhappy in my current line of business and sought assistance from Sharon. Her coaching has helped me understand that I have more to offer, am very creative and have great potential to start my own company.
Desiree Cruz, California



Coaching is a process to help people make the best of their own resources. It’s a way to show people they have what it takes to make their “wildest” dreams come true! Coaching helps people to set their goals and then reach those goals. You start with a vision of what you want, set your goal, and work towards the end result. You can have a vision for any area of your life: personal, business, career, family, health, prosperity and personal growth.



Acting as your “coach”, Sharon:

1. Designs a customized program just for you

2. Takes you by the hand, guides and supports you every step of the way

3. Believes in you totally

4. Motivates and encourages you

5. Helps you strive towards excellence

6. Makes sure you stay on track

7. Listens to you

8. Helps you to focus on goals that you want to accomplish

9. Offers examples and exercises

10. Makes you accountable


coaching_shellstoneWithin the past year of coaching, I have started two businesses from home while working full-time. I began writing my first manuscript at a fabulous vacation resort in the Bahamas (Atlantis at Paradise Island) and finished it at South Beach, Miami four months later. I hired a top national writing coach and will self-publish in 2008.

With Sharon’s help, I put together two websites inexpensively. This was all done with my original goal to write my book. In addition, Sharon has pointed out who my next possible life partners would be while navigating the high seas of romance.

All of Sharon’s coaching has helped me get and stay focused on the endeavors worthy of my focus, time and energy. She has kept me highly motivated to take each next step. Everything she has instructed me to do has been inexpensive, turned out to be easy for me to do, and most has been tax deductible due to my new businesses.

Thanks to my whopping 2006 tax return, the lucrative new work I can do by computer from anywhere, and Sharon’s unique guidance and vision, I will be spending Summer 2007 at a beautiful villa with a gorgeous view on a remote Greek island following my passion for writing and my bliss. It’s perfect for me – I’m excited and grateful beyond words!!!

Grace Shell-Stone, Kentucky



A coach can spot problems, obstacles and self-defeating behaviors in your life QUICKLY. A coach can “size up” your determination and drive! They will look for your desire to reach your goals. Through coaching you will develop new strategies and behaviors that will help you build self-esteem, stop procrastination, make wise decisions, form a balance, focus, develop time management skills, and determine your priorities. A coach will help you find your purpose, discover who you really are and what you really want in your life.



Have you always wished that you were a “pretty, pretty princess” in a castle, with lots of money and beautiful clothes? Now, don’t discount the “knight in shining armor.”

Did you ever feel like you were getting nowhere FAST? Are you one with feelings of fear and self-doubt? Have you tried and tried and just can’t seem to get where you want to be in life?

If you answered “yes!” to any of these questions, then you are a perfect candidate for Sharon Capehart’s Coaching Program.


Haven’t convinced you yet?

Check out a few more of the many success stories below. Want even MORE? Jump over to my Testimonials page and see just some of the experiences my fabulous clients have had working with me one-on-one!


coaching_nakamuraLove takes great courage! Sharon’s coaching helped me learn that it’s not about loving with all your might… loving with all your might is about being afraid, and where there is fear, love cannot exist. With Sharon’s guidance, and over a series of “light bulb” moments, I’ve learned that true love comes from a deeper sense of self. True love is easy and gentle. And where true love exists… all things are possible! Be happy! Be brave! Find your courage and believe that all things are possible!

Janet Nakamura, San Francisco



coaching_mihailofHoly crap – I was not prepared to be a changed woman, but here I am, looking hot, feeling hot and good about myself for the first time in my life. I’ve been to psychologists, psychiatrists, had group counseling and one-on-one counseling, which as you all are aware is a lot of “now, now… there, there… really?… oh, so sorry,” and my favorite: “times up … see you next week.” I’ve changed for ME. In short, I would recommend this coaching program to anyone and everyone. STICK with the program , even if you are a skeptic. I would challenge you to take Sharon’s coaching program. Sharon is a gifted individual and the coaching program is geared to you and your desires in life. I’m still in the program and will continue. She’s awesome!!!

To summarize: No more guilt about anything, more organized at my job, got rid of all the negativity around me, stuck to a high protein diet, changed my look, my attitude and my whole being, and most importantly, I NO LONGER EXIST FROM DAY TO DAY – I’m living it and LOVING IT!

To everyone out there: “Is what you’re doing part of your overall plan?” If you can’t answer that, trust me – CALL SHARON! Sharon – thank you, thank you, thank you – you’re the best!

Liz Mihailoff, Michigan


coaching_carolynfinalBefore I had any contact with Sharon, I had the lowest self-esteem, self-confidence, negativity and fear which no one could ever have imagined. After a few sessions with Sharon, I now can take on the world!!! I am confident, fearless and positive. I am convinced that Sharon is my angel sent from God. I know she will never ever let me down. She is my confidante, my counselor and my friend. She is so easy to talk to! I am neither embarrassed nor ashamed to tell her my problems, and in return she is understanding and always open with me. She has done wonders for me – I have entered a new life of happiness!

Sharon, I love ya mucho!

Carolyn Eligado, California




Here are ten questions to ask yourself:

Do you have a goal or goals that you want to reach?
Are you in a “rut”?
Do you feel as though you’re going nowhere fast?
Do you lack confidence?
Do you feel overwhelmed?
Are you living the life you’ve always dreamed of?
Is your life full of drama?
Have you always wanted a business of your own?
Do you want strong relationships in your life?
Is everyday the “same ol’, same ol’?”
Do you want the Cinderella Story?

So, what’s holding you back?

Make a decision that today will be the first day of the rest of your life – do it for YOU and not anyone else and see how powerful you’ll become! It won’t happen until you take the FIRST STEP.


If you’re serious about improving all aspects of your life, contact me today! You’ll be asked to complete our Coaching Questionnaire – it lets me know where you are in your life, and your hopes and goals you have for your future. All information is kept completely confidential.

I also offer One-on-One Coaching, and Group Coaching by phone.