Party Dresses For New Year Celebration

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New Year’s Eve is here and I am sure you are getting ready for the parties that will take place to ring in the New Year. If you don’t have your outfit yet, it is not too late. Of course, you cannot go wrong with wearing something that you have in your closet. In fact, you can dress up that little black dress to make it look brand new. To stand out in the crowd, you can choose a red outfit. Or if you want to go with the winter theme, wear white or gold for that festive look. You have many other great choices, but it all depends on the occasion.

Little Black Dress

New accessories can make your little black dress look so much different. Choose a gold or silver statement necklace to go with your black dress and silver or gold shoes to match. Then you will have that celebratory look.


For a fun look, you can experiment with prints and texture. This could be a leather dress with printed blazer and some colored tights. The combo works well together.

Matching Pants and Shoes

If you can land a pair of pants and shoes to match, you would have become part of the newest styling trick to ultimately make you stand out in the crowd. You can try it with a turtleneck and blazer on top for the night out on the town.

Sparkles and Sequins

When you doubt which outfit to wear, sparkles and sequins should be your pick.  Go for a casual pair of pants, leopard heels and a simple sparkly tank top. For that cocktail party, a sequin dress is the right choice.

Tuxedo Rather than a Dress

Want to switch your usual New Year’s Eve outfit? What about a tuxedo? Yes, you can borrow from the men for a change. A nice tailored jacket and pair of pants to go with it, but be sure to add your female touch with a hint of color. Add some jewelry too and bold lip color.

Leather shorts

Show off those long legs! A pair of leather shorts with patterns on the front and an asymmetrical top is fair game. You can add some long boots or booties with black tights.

Daringly Red Jumpsuit

You can’t go wrong with a jumpsuit; let alone a red jumpsuit. You will be a show stopper for that New Year’s Eve ball or party. You will be red from head to toe with complementary accessories, strawberry hair color and shoes as long as you have the confidence to pull it off. Wear a narrow belt to cinch your waist and flatter your shape.


Transform a basic T-shirt and miniskirt with a blazer of jewel tone. Show off the legs with some high heels.

Brightly Colored Mini Dress

Mini dresses can also be worn during the winter, if you add some black accessories, black tights and black turtleneck. Make sure that the mini dress has some color to it, though.

Skinny Pants and Heels

A pair of skinny pants and high heels will show off your sex appeal as the little black dress will do. Go for a silky top and a nice coat. Choose a brightly colored clutch purse to finish off the ensemble.


For accessories, choose a necklace that has a pendant with a diamond charm or colored gemstones. You could also wear thick bangles with gems or long necklaces of varying lengths.


As Christmas went, so will the New Year’s Eve festivities, but preparing for it will add excitement to the occasion, especially, if you are the partying kind. So get ready for that end of year event by choosing the right attire. If you have more suggestions, let us hear from you by leaving your comments below.

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