Noticeable Pairs of Jeans for 2015


2015 is seeing the rebirth of vintage jeans and other unique pieces. Therefore, it is ideal for you to get in on the fashion bandwagon and not be left out. Nothing beats a fashionable pair of jeans when you want to go casual or dress up. It is the perfect solution to creating an interesting ensemble, but when you have one that is trendy, it is even better.

501 CT

Taking modern to a whole new level, Levi’s has invented the 501 CT, which is a tapered and custom-made spin of the adored retro 501 pair of denim. It is not a surprise that the innovative source of denim, Levi’s is in the lead of this classic style. This style of jeans has slouched legs, tapered at the ankle and has a mid-rise fit. You can wear it with anything and immediately, you will boast a chic appearance. It comes in light wash, vintage wash and slouchy distressed fits. You can style it with a navy blue blazer, a pair of high heels, turtleneck sweater and novel clutch. This particular pair of jeans is considered to be street style, meaning it is respected in the streets. You will have heads turning as you walk by.

3.1 Phillip Lim

Of course, you are still in love with your shredded boyfriend jeans, but check out 3.1 Phillip Lim, the designer that has brought denim to another level with a tailored pair of wide legged jeans that you can wear to the office and brunch. Invest in this pair to polish off your wardrobe and have a staple item of clothing that you can layer.

Guess What?

When you were younger, did you own a Guess pair of jeans? If not, then it is time to do so. Guess has a limited edition of jeans and distinct denim pieces that are motivated by their iconic designs of the past. The company has combined old designs with contemporary cuts and fades. You can couple this pair of jeans with a flamboyant top or transparent t-shirt.


You are in for a treat and some incredible fun with the adventure of denim for 2015. You will experience the patched, low hanging, high waisted, cropped straight legs from Gucci, dark wash and shredded. It has been a while since denim has been so diverse and interesting.

Bell Bottoms

You can wear a bell bottom pair of jeans with a crop top to look chic, elegant and flattering. The bottom of the jeans flows around the ankle and provides a silhouette that will make any woman look slimmer.

Color in Your Denim

Denim doesn’t have to be blue or black as some people think. Put some color in your wardrobe by sporting a pair of aqua jeans.

Wide Legs – Short Hemline

For 2015, you will see wider legs and shorter hemlines when it comes to denim. Some will be drawstring. Others will be elastic waist and then the traditional zippers and loops for belt.


You have a variety of looks to choose from. It will all depend on your personal style and taste. Do you have any suggestions that we have not mentioned here. Let’s hear your comments below.


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