Looking great in a pencil skirt with a curvy figure



If you are looking for an ideally straight skirt, the pencil skirt is the best option. You can wear it to every occasion imaginable. At the office, it will make you look smart with a jacket, court shoes and button-down white shirt. Pencil skirts fit above the knee. There are also others that fit below the knee with pleats. Some have high waist. Those with thin shapes may look thinner with the pencil skirt and it may be forgiving on pear shaped women. This piece of clothing is best for the hourglass shape, but for women with noticeable curves, it can be quite appealing; allowing the women to look and feel confident in highlighting her curves and legs.

If you want to look classy, elegant and sexy, what better way than with a pencil skirt since it accentuates the curviness of a woman? If you feel awkward about your figure in a pencil skirt, be sure to color coordinate by adding an interesting top to get the attention toward your top and not your hips. However, if you would like to fully hide your curvy hips, you may want to think about wearing a top that covers the buttocks.

The Basics of a Pencil Skirt

The Pencil skirt has a fitted or tailored waistline from the waist to the thigh area. The shape of the skirt transforms the rectangle-shaped woman into a curvy female. These types of skirt are good for women who don’t mind showing off their hips and curvatures. Pencil skirts make you look taller and thinner. It elongates your figure when you wear dark pantyhose and heels.

Using Dark Colors to Slim Down

Not all of these skirts are made equal. If you want to minimize the look of your hips or buttock area, you should select a darker color like navy blue, black or dark gray. Make sure it is a solid color, though. Don’t wear one that is too tight. Make sure it is well tailored to fit. You don’t want to feel as if you are losing breath when wearing your skirt nor should you have to be pulling down your skirt every chance you get. Never squeeze into a smaller size than you have to. Look for skirts with a slit in the back or side so that you can move about more comfortably.

Creating Visual Equilibrium

For visual equilibrium, select a bright top or one with prints or ruffles so that eyes can be directed toward your top instead of your curvy hips. Experiment with accessories and jewelry such as a statement necklace or scarf. Add a nice jacket to your outfit to emphasize your shoulders and give you that hourglass effect.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a curvaceous figure, but if you want to hide your curves, you may want to try A-line skirts that flares out from your hips or some other straight skirt to make you look chic and slimmer.


Have you tried the pencil skirt yet? If not, don’t let this fashion trend pass you by. It is versatile for almost any shape. Let us hear what you think about it by leaving your comments below.


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