Looking Fabulous On A Budget


So many times, we gals want to look fabulous and fashionable, but we just don’t think we have enough money to buy those designer pieces that our friends are raving about. So how do you shop for fashionable clothes on a budget? No matter what your circumstances, we have written several tips that can help you to figure this out. This article is for the budget conscious person.


Honey, be versatile. You have the option to mix and match your outfits. Be playful and experiment with different pieces. You will soon get good at this. This is the key to fashion on a budget. No one is going to know at the office that you wore that black skirt with that burgundy blouse last week. Mix and match, sweetheart – that’s the name of the game. Choose pieces that will look good together. Buy some basic pieces such as a pair of black pants and skirt. Wear different tops with them. Have fun with it. You must create your own style that others will be envious of.

Swap Or Borrow

You could trade clothing with a family member or friend. For example, if someone close to you lost weight and no longer fit into their old clothing, ask if they want to give those clothes to you. If you are both the same dress size, you could do a swap. You and your sister could share things in your closets such as jewelry, handbags, and clothing. You could borrow some of her stuff and loan her some of yours.

Second Hand Shopping

Have you ever walked past a thrift store and tempted to look in, but not sure if you would find something you liked? You better rethink this. These days, thrift stores have some nice gems, but you have to be prepared to spend an hour or more searching for that one piece that you love. Many thrift stores get their contributions from people who buy designer clothes and for whatever reason; they no longer want these clothes. That is where you come in.

Accessories, Accessories

Accessories can turn an outfit into something else in seconds. If you have a simple outfit and you are going to a club, for example, dress it up with some accessories, girlfriend. Everyone will think you just bought an expensive dress.

Sale Items

Sign up for in-store sales date. Have them email or mail you updates on new sales. You will know the date of the sale, what type of sale and what to expect before anyone else does. Try to get the perfect deal from these sales.

Go Lower

You don’t have to always shop at the stores that carry designer items. Don’t be surprised if you found a great deal at stores like Target and Walmart. It could be a nice belt, scarf or accessories. Try browsing the aisle to see what treasures you find.


Fashion is a personal thing. I may like something and you may not. So you have to create your own fashion to fit your budget. Let us hear what else you can share with us.


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