It’s a Wrap!


In 1974, Diane von Furstenberg created history with the wrap dress, which today is still one of the most liked dresses that females of all ages want to own. The knitted wrap dress became an instant success in the fashion world when it came on the runway in 1974. Why? This type of dress offers versatility and it fits women of all body types.

What is a wrap dress?

If you are a woman, there is no question that you know exactly what a wrap dress is, but in case you don’t know, let me see how I can do justice to this one-of-a-kind dress. The dress is designed with three panels. There is an inner and outer panel as well as a snap or button inside to fasten the two panels. When the dress is properly fastened, it overlaps. It has a V-neck cut, which is noticeable once the outer panel is closed. The hemline is usually on or below the knees. A wrap dress can be made from any fabric, but usually is made from a lighter fabric for flow and comfort.

What the wrap dress offers?

All women have various shapes and body types. However, the wrap dress is forgiving. If you have a heavy midsection, for example, you can get away wearing a wrap dress while hiding your midsection.  The wrap dress offers coverage for your curves and bumps like no other dress does. You will find that it accentuates the bust line and hips. Because the waistline area is loose, you may look as if you have an hourglass figure when you don’t. It provides a slimming effect like the little black dress does. Wrap dresses have a variety of styles. Some are made without sleeves, with various colors and patterns, as a maxi dress and even skater dress. Some can be worn casually while others are for dressier occasions.

The Occasion

A wrap dress is ideal for the office, date night, wedding, and cocktail party and just about anywhere. It can be worn above the knee or below the knee. You can add accessories to make it more elegant for a cocktail party. You can dress it up with a jacket for a business meeting. Go for strappy heels and a wrap dress for that date night or wedding.

Picking the Right One

Although, the wrap dress fits all body types, you still have to be wise with your choice. If you are a plus sized woman, then choose one that has a darker color such as brown, navy blue or black. Stay away from light blue or beige. Don’t consider large prints and loud patterns or you will appear bigger than you really are. If you are slender and have small bust and hip, you could pull it off by wearing the right undergarments such as a bustier. For women who are medium sized, choose a dress with stripes for that thinning effect.


Do you own a wrap dress in your closet? If so, what color is it? Where did you wear it to last? What other information can you share about the wrap dress? Our readers would love to read your comments below.

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