How Weary is Your Wardrobe?


Have you ever looked in your wardrobe, seen the many skirts, jackets, blazers, pants, dresses and blouses you have doubled on one hanger? In fact, your closet is packed so closely that you cannot even get your hands between each item to get the specific garment that you want to wear. Does this sound like you? Most of us have had one or more of those moments. By the time, you find what you are looking for, you are breaking out in a sweat and all you needed was a simple outfit.

What’s wrong with that picture?

Your closet may have what is known as a ‘weary wardrobe.’ You have bought so many items of clothing and packed them in; so much so that you have a whole wardrobe filled with outfits that you may have worn one time or not at all. Some of the pieces are not even your personal taste. You may have gotten most of them during a bargain sale and you just couldn’t turn the sale down. You are now stuck with items that don’t coordinate well together.

Can you do something about it? Yes, you can. Here are a few steps that you can make to change that:

Simplification – Simplicity is the true art of fashion. When you have a cluttered wardrobe, it makes your closet weary. Take a whole day off and go through your wardrobe. Take out the items that haven’t been worn for over a year or two. Be honest with yourself. If you are not going to wear these items, then find a new home for them. If you love any of the items and how they fit, then you will know for sure if you want to keep them or not. Once your closet has been cleared out, you will have a better view of what you have inside.

Assessment – Prior to purchasing something, consider if you need it or not. Don’t just buy something because you want to or can afford to. Think about your wardrobe and whether you have enough space or not. The office and social events will determine your garment needs. If you have a highly visible job, for example, you may need more expensive clothing and these items are going to need sufficient room in your closet so they are not crushed.

Coordination – When you choose a new item of clothing, be sure that you can match it with at least three other items. Include solid colors into the mix as well as prints. When you have to make a decision of which outfit to wear, this will give you a good chance to mix and match. Before you buy anything, think about your body type and shape. Use this information to wisely pick out flattering pieces. Choose colors that complement your complexion and skin tones as well as the different seasons. Identify your fashion taste, personality and style. Know the type of items you love to wear, but don’t be afraid to try something new that looks nice on you.


After you apply these tips, you will definitely see a decrease in the number of items you don’t need in your closet. Say bye to a ‘weary wardrobe.’ Let us know if these tips have helped you. Leave your comments below.

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