How To Overcome Adversity


Adversity is a given. As long as you live on this earth, you will experience adversity. It is how you overcome it – that will make or break you. You can get through any problem with determination and tenacity. Problems and challenges are something that many of us cannot avoid and you are no different. You can have large problems or small ones, but regardless, you still need a solution. Remember, that once you find a solution, it will only make you stronger; knowing that you did get through it and any other problem comes your way, you will get through it too.

Becoming stronger
Adversity strengthens your resolve and willpower. It prepares you for tougher challenges. Sometimes life pulls you into a valley to teach you some things. If you keep on walking you will overcome any challenge that you are facing. You will be able to conquer your next obstacle. In many cases, you don’t know the strength that you have until you are faced with a challenging situation. These may be times when you have nowhere else to turn.

What to do?
Be sure you look at your adversities with a positive mind. When you approach it positively and productively, your courage, perseverance, strength and character will come out. We are all human and prone to feeling sorry for yourself – sometimes asking the question, ‘why me?’ if you do that, then you won’t grow in wisdom and won’t be able to overcome your adversities.

The first thing you need to do is to be aware of the adversity and accept it only as a challenge. Don’t try to avoid it because it won’t go away. People go through struggles every day and you are no different. Some people have life changing events that most people wouldn’t be able to accept, endure and get through. So think of yourself as being lucky that your challenges are not a tragic flood or tsunami.

Before you experience a disaster or problem, make sure you have a support system that you have access to – people who can provide emotional strength, and encouragement. It is best to have a close friend, relative or coworker. But, be careful who you confide in. Some people will use it against you and make it harder for you by exposing your situation and compromising your confidence.

Strengthen your faith and confidence so that when you are hit with a problem, you know that it will be OK.
Work on your own emotional strength so that when no one is around, you can deal with the problem on your own.
Prepare yourself that therapy may be necessary. Some people hate the idea of telling someone they don’t know about their problems, but if your problems cause depression, it is time to see a professional such as a life coach or therapist.

Have you ever experienced hardship, trouble and challenges that have been very difficult for you to manage on your home? What did you do to fix it? Let us hear your comments below.

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