How To Make The Perfect Impression


Within the first few minutes of meeting you, people are quite judgmental about what they think about you, even though they don’t know you too well. Making the first impression one of perfection is not easy, but since you only might get one opportunity, you must take advantage of it. If you want people to view you a certain way, it is best to be your authentic self. You never know when you might bump into that person again. In any event, you don’t want to be someone that you are really not. Below are several ways to make the perfection impression – the first time around.

Confidence and Openness

When you have an air of confidence about you and you are not afraid to put yourself ‘out there,’ then you will be open to scrutiny, but yet your body language will provide enough information to the person you are meeting – so that they will know your genuineness from a mile away. That means you should use your body language to your benefit. Make sure you are confidently displaying the true behavior of yourself that you want people to see. For example, a firm handshake and eye contact signifies a confident person. Of course, you may get nervous, but don’t let that lead you past your confident self.

Make Conversation

When you meet people, you don’t have to hold deep conversations, but show yourself friendly. If you talk to someone, they will talk back. You never know if you are making an impact on that person or not. Hold small conversations such as talk about the weather, a basketball game, something on the news or just simple pleasantries. You may be surprised how much each of us has in common.

Positivity Goes A Long Way

Keep a positive attitude as much as you can. Of course, you will have bad days, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wear that on your sleeves. Even when you are facing criticism, keep your attitude upbeat and don’t take everything so personal.

Be Polite and Observant

When you are polite and mannerly to someone, it reciprocates most of the time. Pay attention to the person sitting beside you on the airplane or at the airport. Does this person want to be left alone or doesn’t mind the small talk? You should honor someone’s desire to be left alone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t say a healthy “good morning.” You would be surprised sometimes at the positive reaction. The opposite is true for someone who constantly blabbers on the phone while you are trying to take a nap.

Your Clothing

Your clothing speaks volumes, whether you agree with this or not. People tend to look from the outside until they get to know you enough to look on the inside. So how you dress can give a good indication of whether you are confident, have good taste in style, care about how you look and so much more. Dress to impress when it is necessary. There is nothing wrong with that.


When you have an interest or passion in something and you want to share it with the world, I think that is enough to make the perfect impression. Tell us what you think about this topic. Leave your comments below.


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