How to Make a Jacket Statement


I have often commended the merits of having a jacket that makes a statement. In fact, I think no woman’s wardrobe should be without one. The leather bike jacket was always thought to be identical to the sex appeal of anyone who wore it, including celebrity actors and actresses. It gives you a rugged look without being too masculine, especially when women wear the most colorful ones. These leather jackets come in a wide range of styles. You can wear it with a pair of leather pants and frilly blouse to make your own modern statement.

Sports Coat

A sports coat is also ideal as a statement jacket. Make sure it is well-tailored with a lot of details. Complete your outfit with a sports coat, a pair of chic black pants, suede boots and a silk top. A brightly colored sports coat with a pair of patterned pants or gray wide-leg trousers, a chiffon top and a pair of black pumps is perfect for a bold statement.

Painterly Jacket

Designer, Philip Lim carries a painterly jacket, which will give you that glamorous effect. Although, the price is hefty, it is worth feeling elegant, chic and sophisticated, all at the same time. You can choose a beige color or black, if you want to be safe. Put this statement jacket with a subtle makeup foundation. You can wear black on black for a savvy look. If you decide to push the envelope by going wild, wear brightly colored shoes.

Flamboyant Coat

Grab a floral coat in its flamboyancy and pair it with all black by wearing a pair of black pants and black top. For an added measure of playfulness, you can add a pair of Nike sneakers with its highlighted hues at the bottom. The extra hint of neon complements the vivacious jacket rather than clashing with it.

Moto Jacket

A moto jacket is similar to the leather jacket. Choose one that is lightweight, excellent for casual wear. You can finish the ensemble with a pair of track pants or capris. A neutral shade is best for more options to creating different styles during the season. This updated jacket is almost weightless, similar to a sweater. Therefore, you can wear it with a scarf and a pair of ankle boots.

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is the best at making various fashion statements. You can look edgy, chic, elegant and sophisticated in it, depending on how you finish off the outfit. Leather jackets come with zippers, snaps and buckles. You can even wear a cropped leather jacket layered with a long buttoned down white shirt blouse, a pair of pants or capris and ankle boots. What a statement? You can also wear your leather jacket with a tee shirt or plaid shirt and combat boots and skinny jeans for a more serious biker look.


Do you own at least one statement jacket in your wardrobe? If not, it is time to pick up one. If you have one, which is it? What do you pair it with? Let us hear how you have changed to a diva overnight with your statement jacket. Leave your comments below.


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