How To Live a Perfect Life


You know what I like about life – that we have choices? You will find many people holding on to their old habits and not wanting to let go. They get really attached to their comfort zone and keep resisting change. In so doing, these attachments cause repetitive and destructive patterns as well as a negative path, with no happiness or satisfaction. Why?

Live in the Moment

Well, many of us still don’t know how to live in the moment. But, all we really have is – ‘the moment.’ No one is sure of tomorrow or the next hour, for that matter. Instead of worrying about what the future holds, what you will cook for dinner this evening, what you will wear to work in the morning or if your bills are going to be paid next month, why not be happy that you have life. This is the most essential ingredient to leading a happy and ideal lifestyle. Stop dwelling in the past. Don’t let work and the pressures of life get the best of you. Of course, you should prepare for tomorrow, but don’t worry if things don’t work out exactly like you expect them to.

Be Daring

You don’t have to plan a trip – be spontaneous. Get up and pack a bag and drive to another city, stay in a hotel, hang out locally and drive back home. You can do it with a girlfriend. Go on a cruise – by yourself or with someone else. Live life to the fullest – you deserve it. You don’t have to make any apologies.

Find a Cause

Discover a specific cause that you are passionate about. For example, I love helping women to feel good about themselves – so I became a life coach. This fulfills me and allows me to live the perfect life. Find something that you believe in. When you do, find an organization that you can connect with and become a volunteer. Believe me, you will feel so rewarded when you help someone who is less fortunate than you are.

Get rid of stress

Stress robs us of happiness and the joy in our lives. Try not to let anything or anyone stress you out. Whatever you have to do to get rid of stress, then do it! You can take yoga classes, meditate each day, play a sport, go for daily walks or seek therapy.

Wake up

Stop living your life in a bubble. It is time to wake up from your slumber or life will pass you by. Be conscious of your surroundings and the things happening around you. Renew the way you think about life and the experiences that life offers.

Experience Living

The central component of living the ideal life is to experience ‘living.’ This means that you should live life to your fullest potential. Do what you were born to do. This is the only way that you are going to have a sense of happiness in your life. Stop making excuses. Find out what you are good at – and do it! Just do it!


Your ideal life is in the moment. This is the moment that you will decide to embrace your purpose. Don’t leave it for tomorrow. So many lives are depending on you to do what you were born to do. Stop being selfish and stop running away from it. Be accountable so you can enjoy the rest of your life. Tell us what you think. Your comments are welcomed.

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