How to layer your jacket


While you can layer a jacket with a t-shirt, camisole, shirt, turtleneck or tank top, there are several other options that you can choose for that tailored or fluid appearance. It all depends on whether you are dressing causal, formal or informal. It also is dependent on the location and occasion. Is this for work, play or both? You should also consider the outfit. Is it floral or solid? In the summer, for example, you could wear a camisole under a jacket to maintain your cool look. Below are some trendy tops that can work as excellent layering for your jacket. You can make the choice of what will work best for you and your environment.

Tops That Fit Closer To The Neck

The boat neck top is one top that is closely fitted to the neck. However, there are some that have a wider fit around the neck. You can find these in materials that are both knitted and woven. The stretch from the knitted top will offer neater layering under the jacket than the woven option. If you happen to have a long neck, small boobs and slanted shoulders, then boat neck tops will work best for you.

Tops With Diagonal Sleeves

Tops with diagonal sleeves work their magic on your look. These come in various styles. You can find them in crew, boat or V-necks. They are totally different from cap sleeves, which tend to be closely fitted and shorter. Like most boat neck tops, you can find these knitted and woven. If your bust is large, the V-neck will work best.

Tops With Draping Front

If you are conscious about your waistline, then a top with draping front is ideal for jacket layering. It is also one of the trendier options. It hides the midsection well and looks great with a tailored blazer. They are also ideal to wear knitted or woven. Buy your right fit so that it doesn’t seem overly draped in front. With large bust and cold climate, you may need a camisole underneath – just in case, it falls open.

Silky Shell Top Without Sleeves

Wearing silky shell tops without sleeves and in solid colors brings sophistication and elegance to your jacket layering objective. Of course, if you love color, you can choose a bright floral or graphic pattern to add some edginess. You can wear these in V-necks, crew necks and scoop necks. Because there are no sleeves, you can feel comfortable in your jacket and sleeveless top – avoiding any clustering. If you are conscious of your arms, then you may not want to remove your jacket. Select one that provides a fit that is fluid.

Be sure not to tuck in these tops because they won’t stay in long enough anyway because of the fluidity provided. If you do fully tuck in pants or skirt top, then be sure that the jacket is halfway buttoned from the waist to the midsection.

Wrap Tops

While this is not currently in fashion, you can still opt to wear a form fitted wrap top for layering under your jacket – especially if you love to wear form fitted clothes. Otherwise, choose one of the other oversized or fluid options discussed previously.


What other tops have you used for layering your jacket? Would you like to share it with us here? Of course, our readers would love to know. So leave your comments below.

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