How To Get Out of Your Own Way


Many times, we tend to get in our own way and might wonder how? At times, we are our own worst enemy. Whether you want to believe it or not, you have the power to change this. A new day is about to dawn for you. Keep reading. Your success or failure is not necessarily about a situation, but more so about how you respond to the circumstances around you. It is time for you to be the solution instead of the problem. If you could only learn how to get out of your own way, you would experience success.

Here are several tips to begin:

  • Forget about pleasing other people – if you spend your time doing this, you will end up being someone else and not your true self.
  • There is never a right time. You have to create time.
  • Embrace the attitude that you will have each day.
  • Don’t wait for anyone to motivate you. Motivate yourself.
  • Take risks. It is time to stop being safe.
  • Don’t worry if you fail. You can always try again.
  • Find the lessons in your failures.
  • Ask the right questions.
  • Do not look to anyone for approval, praise or permission.
  • Discover your own truth.
  • Focus on finding solutions and stop dwelling on the problem.
  • React differently to situations.
  • Instead of sulking at something, seek new ideas and actions.
  • Control your actions and anything you cannot control, let go of it.
  • Invest wisely in your emotional energy.
  • Stop waiting around for other people to care.
  • Create opportunities instead of waiting for it to come to you.
  • Stop talking so much – listen up!
  • Don’t choose the easy way out, but choose what will work for you.
  • Don’t give away control and power to anyone, but yourself.
  • Realize your core values and live within the confines of those core values.

Determine Your Destiny

Instead of reading your daily horoscope for clues to what will happen to you, determine your own destiny. Someone just wrote something up in that horoscope to convince you that we are all alike and that is completely untrue. Try something at least once, learn from it and move on, if it doesn’t work out. Get rid of the word, “I can’t” from your vocabulary. Try, try and try some more!

More Tips

If something doesn’t feel good to you or if you are uncertain, say NO! Believing in yourself and respecting yourself are two key essentials to getting out of your own way. Don’t be a follower, but a leader. It is OK to be the odd one out – at least you are making your own choices. Stand up to others and don’t let anyone think that you are a wimp! Don’t blame anyone for your mistakes – own up to them. Stop making excuses and express who you are – truthfully.


You have two choices – live with your choices and decisions or continue to be displeased with them. Take a look in the mirror and make a decision to change, despite any obstacles. You are your best coach, but if you need someone to jumpstart you, consider using a life coach. Let us know what you think. Leave your comment below.


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