How to dress like an Italian Woman


Italian women are proud of the way they dress. Their look matters – no matter what the occasion. And more importantly, they love to dress smart and it really does look flawlessly effortless. Italian women are some of the most stylish in the world of fashion. Why? They dress confidently. Whether the local fashion trend is glam, cosmopolitan or preppy, these women go all out. They don’t do things halfway – it has to be an entire ensemble with the bag, shoes and accessories to match. In some cities like Milan, fashion is half-and-half. Some women like to look glamorous at all times while other women prefer to dress simple. The lines become drawn when some women ‘tee off’ in Dolce while others go for Prada and the same is true for Versace and Marni. No matter which one you choose, you will still come out looking fabulous. To be inspired, watch Fashion Week in Milan to get an international feel of what to expect and what the experts pick. In the meantime, here are some ideas below to run with.


Italian women avoid flip flops at all cost, even if they are just going to the nearby shop to grab a carton of milk. You can wear overalls, but Italian women prefer to wear black leather overalls and not denim overalls. Of course, she is going to pair those black leather overalls with some studded heels. I told you that Italian women go all out – at least most of them! An Italian woman who wants to simplify her attire will throw on a peasant frock with high heels. She will wear a three piece suit without batting her eyelids – and it doesn’t matter if she is only going to a regular business meeting.

Like Miss Italian, make your Bermuda shorts glamorous by pairing it with a lace tank top and padded shoulder crop top over it. If you were to dare to wear an evening dress in the daytime, what better way to pull it off than with a pair of black booties and a day purse – the Italian way? Want to go casual and still look fabulous? Wear a sweatshirt and an A-line shirt with a cross body bag. Just shorten the straps of the bag for a whole new look. Want to wear a red velvet skirt the Italian way? Just add a white tee and you are glam. Layering is a good way to stay with fashion trends, but Italians do it whimsically by giving you the peek-a-boo layering with lace and sheer fabric. For a nice weekend outfit, go for an oversized tee and some statement accessories. Faux fur scarf titled to the side will turn an old lady into a fashionista. Italian women rarely do rugged, but you can get away with an oversized jacket can be worn with a short dress and a pair of sneakers for the rugged look.


What is your interpretation of what Italian dressing should look like? Have you seen how Italian women dress on and off the runway? We would love to hear your observations. Leave your comments below.

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