How To Cover Up Your Arms


As I get older, I am discovering that when dressing, I try to hide certain parts of the body and many women like me are doing the same thing. Does this sound like you? I prefer to look flattering even if it means wearing something that hides the ‘undesirable parts’ of my body. This means hiding wrinkled and loose skin. It could be your inner arm, your legs or neckline. However, this can limit the way you shop and dress.


What you shouldn’t wear

If you are trying to hide portions of your arm or the upper part of your body, there are certain items of clothing to avoid such as:

  • Tank tops that make your arms appear bigger than usual
  • Tightly worn sleeves
  • Capped sleeves
  • Bell sleeves
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Off-the-shoulder tops


What you should wear

There are specific items of clothing that can accentuate the upper parts of your body and these may include:

  • Layers – if you love to wear camisoles or strappy tops, you can wear them under a long sleeved or three quarter sleeved top. This could be a see-through top
  • Loose sleeves – if your arms are big, select a top that doesn’t fit tightly around the arms
  • Three quarter sleeves that cover the upper arm and elbows
  • Light-weighted cardigans and shrugs can be layered
  • Dark sleeved blouse – the darker the color, the better it hides flabby arms
  • Laced tops in dark colors will also hide the arms
  • Long, short or medium length sleeves on your dresses
  • Turtlenecks to hide the neckline
  • Batwing tops and dresses
  • Bell and butterfly sleeved tops
  • Cut out shoulders
  • Boleros and vests
  • Shawl
  • A top with sleeves under a tunic dress

If you want to distract attention from your arms, you can also disguise them with a scarf or wearing your hair longer. Different shaped sleeves and materials also provide coverage. If you opt for longer sleeves, a light weight fabric, lace or transparency is ideal. It provides comfort and misleads people into thinking that you don’t have flabs.


Your legs

If you are concerned about how your legs look, there are ways that you can camouflage them. You should avoid mini-skirts or mini-dresses that reveal too much. Shorts that are too short can make you lack confidence. Instead, opt for shorts that fit over the knees or even Bermuda shorts. Maxi skirts and maxi dresses are chic, elegant and trendy. Jumpsuits and jeans are ideal for women of all ages. Capri pants look good with any top and can hide the upper leg, expose the bottom portion and still make you look good. A pair of palazzo pants worn with a loose top can have eyes looking at you from every angle.


In most cases, the arms are the section of the body that a lot of women are concerned about. It takes ingenuity, fashion-sense and creativity to get the result you are seeking. What have you done to conceal flabby arms? Did it work for you?  Let us hear your comments. Our audience will be enlightened.

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