How to Complete a Black Outfit with Leggings

When we were all younger, remember those stirrup pants that were devotedly secured under our feet, peaking out just inside of our buckled-up shoes? Like you, I probably wore mine at a really young age and again in college while I sat through many late nights of study sessions. I even wore mine to the unplanned theme parties in image00the 1980s. Remember those? I do. However, now, it doesn’t appear that we can get them off the shelf for long. They have definitely made the rounds in the fashion world. These days, we no longer have them securely under our feet. Instead, they are called leggings and worn as active wear; for lounging around the home or out for a date night or to a special occasion.

For the winter, fall or spring months – mostly when the weather is cooler, I like to dress in a complete black outfit with leggings and so do many people, even celebrities like Kris Jenner, Demi Lovato and Emma Willis. I have created a dark column of colors – from top to bottom – with the bottom tailored and the top loosely draped. This creates a chic silhouette that makes me look like the celebrity that I am. Yes, gals, you are celebrities in your own right! Don’t let anyone say you ain’t! Now that we have made that essential point, it is time to get serious now.

If you are going to wear a black top and a black bottom, wear it with class and confidence. If you are not keen on that kind of ensemble, you can substitute it for a blue or gray top with black leggings. You will still look like a diva. The fabric used to make the top and your footwear style will determine if the outfit is casual or not. If you opt for silky fabrics, dressy shoes and tailored jackets, you will amp up your chicness.

image01Since Kris Jenner got to Fashion Week in Paris with her daughter, Kim Kardashian, she had done an incredible job with having the attention stay on Kim, for the most part. However, she looked extremely good, wearing a pair of black leggings, long black coat and turtleneck top. She looked like a tall tower in her strappy laced-up heels as she entered the eatery.

Emma Willis of Celebrity Big Brother also exemplified the complete black ensemble with leggings. Her style was serious as she took to the runway, greeted by an enthusiastic crowd.  Talk about sexy! She shunned the cocktail dress and opted for sex appeal in tight leather leggings, low cut black top and a black jacket, finishing it off with knee high boots.

Length Guidelines

When you are wearing tight leggings, it is best to combine it with a long top to cover your butt and thighs. So, forget about the cropped top or shrug. You could also opt for a long cardigan. Wear loose fitting tops, if you opt out of a long jacket or cardigan.

image02Tailored is Flattering

You could also layer your look with a cardigan, medium length top, t-shirt or button down top. The most important thing is to choose pieces that hug the body and not bulky layers. For example, as Demi Lovato was hanging out at the park while on tour, she wore a tailored bomber jacket with a collared shirt blouse that was fitted to her body and ankle booties with her leggings. She looked absolutely flattering, even when she wasn’t posing for the camera. It gave her a lean silhouette.


Do you like to wear leggings? If not, you are missing out on the number of ways that you can create your own style. A pair of black leggings is all you need to get started with creating a complete black ensemble. Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.


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