Fashionable Ways to Eliminate the January Blues


The holidays brought with it a bunch of hype as it relates to fashion. By the time the New Year came around, there was definitely fashion fatigue in the industry. Many retail stores had heavily discounted items on sale, clearing away stuff for the season to make space for the next season’s collection. What is happening? Some items became boring to even consider wearing. Many women spent a lot on clothes this past holiday season for one and so many cannot afford the new spring collection. And to make it even worse, the cold wintry weather seemed too depressing to even think about fashion, especially if you live close to the ice and snow. What does this cause? The January blues, of course. I know because I have them and so do many of the people I associate with. If you feel it too, don’t let it get the best of you. January is the start of the New Year and time to have reflections on the past and refresh your wardrobe. We have put together some approaches to beating the January fashion blues.

Anticipate The Spring Collection

It is ideal that you keep abreast of the latest fashion to get ready for the next season. For the spring season, you will know by the end of February the types of clothes that will be on the runway and retail shelves. But you have to wait and be patient.

Wear What You Like

In the meantime, create your own fashion statement. Wear the things that you like. When it comes to fashion, you can mix and match and create your own ensemble using items in your closet. You don’t have to spend any money. Use accessories, belts and scarves to build your outfit. It is a great way to stay fashionably busy.

Place Emphasis on Fundamentals

Put the most emphasis on the fundamentals. What does that mean? Spend time sorting out your underwear drawer. Get new sleepwear and hosiery for work. January should be the time to go through and throw things out that you didn’t need to see how to replace them.

Revive Your Grooming Routine

Yes, this is a time of renewal when you not only redo your wardrobe, but your hair, nails and makeup. It is exciting to do a makeover and change your hairdo or your hair color. Get a manicure done or go out and buy new lipstick that you have never worn before. Dye your eye brows or buy a new eye shadow kit.

Examine Your Personal Taste

You can have so much fun shopping for new clothes so examine your closet to see what styles you need to start wearing. By now, you know your personal taste and style. Make goals for the style that you want to wear. Combine different outfits. Set a budget for how much you will spend for the next season.

Be Creative

If you really don’t want to deal with fashion right now, find some creative ways to stay busy during the January blues by taking on a hobby such as knitting or possible arts and craft – just to stay inspired.


Whatever you do for this existing season, don’t let your fashionista sense down. Either way, never forget that you should dictate your own fashion statement. You should enjoy what you wear. Let us know what you think about this unique topic by leaving your comments below.

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