Fashionable Hair Trends for 2015

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As 2014 came to a close and you enjoyed the holiday season with family, you probably didn’t take a look at 2015 and its fashionable hair trends, but we did. 2014 was filled with soft ombre hair colors. Long hair got chopped off into chic bobs and lobs. This year, seems more promising with new looks that will turn you into a sophisticated diva. Get ready for the hair trends, which are not new altogether, but fresh for the new season.

Bowl and Braid

2014 ended with the bob. Now, women are looking to the bowl, which is a choppy approach to untidy and loose tresses. You can texturize with a spray, giving your hair a matted appearance. You can wear short and dark. Create a single braid to cascade down your back. This will be in for this year.


The easiest and simple hairstyle is the ponytail. You can disguise unwashed hair by putting a quick ponytail together, giving you a younger looking appearance. Stretching the hair tightly offers an immediate facelift. It makes you look sleek and elegant. Be sure not to stretch too much because you don’t want to experience hair loss or breakage. Use a scrunchie to secure your locks into a ponytail lift. For a polished look, use a hairspray and brush to smooth out hair and hold it in place.


For the New Year, you will see women transitioning into a contrast of highlights to soften their look. Fine highlights are going to be used to enhance neutral base colors. This look is inspired by a child’s hair with its innocent baby lights, adding sheen and dimension to the hair.

The Shag

Most hairstylists prefer layers that are naturally blended. However, in 2015, your hair, if you give it a chance will take on new dimension. You will see layers that are shorter and have shaggy texture, giving sleeker blowouts, volume and movement to the hair. The shag offers a fun texture with less styling.

The Updo Hair Style

If you are looking for a chic look, don’t relinquish the updo hair style. It has always reigned through every season. This time is no different. You can wear in a braided chignon or French twist. You can adorn it with different accessories like you see on the European fashion runways. It has both a formality and casualness to it, depending on how you wear it.


Bangs are the classic choice for the winter months, but they also will transition into the new season. In the middle of the year, you will be able to wear your bangs with a shaggy layer, manifesting versatility and easy styling. Leave your bangs longer than usual. You can wear on the forehead or sideways to change your look daily.


It may be somewhat on a sad note that 2014 departed, but we gals always look forward for what the New Year brings. We hope you do too! 2015 looks like it is bringing with it some fresh and inspired looks. Are you ready for it? Leave your comments below.

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