Fashion Tips for that Imperfect Neck


Do you hate your neck? Do you think it is imperfect? Have you ever been called chicken neck or turkey neck? Do you think your neck looks wrinkled or blotchy? What would a simple scarf not do for your neck? It certainly would hide it from view and only you would know what is under there, right? I know, I know! You are still self-conscious about it even if no one else knows. If you consider your neck to be imperfect, there are so many other young and aging women who do. We have put together 5 fashion tips to help build your confidence as if you had the neck of a gazelle. So it is time to do something different that will work wonders and not let you feel so bad about your neck. You are going to pull the attention away for neck and put it on your best assets. Now, let’s go for the ride of your life to transform you once and for all.

Fashion Tip #1

You can cover your neck with a wrap or scarf as we alluded to before. It can be any color scarf. You can wear one that matches your outfit. Wrap the scarf enough to just let the edges hang loose. Choose one that will improve your confidence. You can play with this as much as possible. Go with a girlfriend to shop for scarves if you don’t own any.

Fashion Tip #2

Nothing beats a blouse with a high collar that you can pull up instead of wearing it flat. You can also add some necklace around the collar and you are good to go. You can look classy in a nice collared blouse with a jacket over it.

Fashion Tip #3

Layering is the best way to hide that imperfect neck. You can layer with a sweater over your blouse or a sweater over a turtleneck. This adds texture to your ensemble and has a distracting effect. Wear your layer with poise.

Fashion Tip #4

Another evident fashion choice is a turtleneck coat or a turtleneck sweater. This is the ultimate way to hide every bit of the skin around your neck and most of all, keep warm. Be sure that the color matches your skin tone because this is a lot of material to put up against the face. If you have a large bust line, try to stay away from thicker fabric.

Fashion Tip #5

A cowl neck top will not cover the entire neck. However, it draws the attention from the neckline because of its nice fold. Put a nice necklace around the fold to add glamour. You will look fabulous.


If you still have an issue with how your neck looks, you have to find a way to get over it. Remember, you are unique and so is your body. It is as beautiful as you make it to be. However, if you must use these items for distraction, you got to love the wintry weather. Are there any fashion tips that you would like to share with our readers? We would love to hear them. Leave those comments below.

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