Fabulous and Super All-Natural Skincare Tips for Women with Dry Skin

Girlfriends, you know how much dry skin bothers me?  No matter what I do, I can’t seem to escape my dry, dry elbows, my dry knees and my face drying out!  If you are having similar problems and have no idea what all-natural skincare tips are out there for us women with dry skin, take a look below!  I’ve got 4 tips that for women with dry skin that will leave your skin glowing, luscious and oh-so-soft!  You ready to take a trip with me to explore some of these awesome tips?  Take a peek below!

Avoid Lengthy Sun Exposure

While I absolutely love the sun, that doesn’t mean that I need to be out in it all of the time!  Lengthy sun exposure might seem like a great idea when you are on the beach, but girlfriends, bring that umbrella with you!  Staying out of the sun is imperative to keeping your skin hydrated, moisturized and all around beautiful looking.  When you are going out in the sun – slather on a bit of sunblock (the higher the SPF the better!) so that the rays don’t get you too bad and that you are protected!

Changing of the Seasons

As the seasons change up, so will your skin!  In the winter you might experience your skin becoming drier than normal, where in the summer, it could be caked in sweat and sunburned.  That means that you can’t take on the same skincare for all of the seasons!  Switch it up ladies and really show your skin some love, no matter what season it is!  Whether you have to invest in a humidifier during the winter to kick the dry skin out or slip into SPF and drink plenty of water during the summer to keep it from drying out.


Don’t Over-Apply or Over-Wash

Girls, you gotta listen – the biggest mistake that we all make is the fact that we over-apply, we over-work, we over-wash our skin and that could be the biggest reason why you are drying it out!  Keep it simple and don’t over-work your skin!  Instead, go with a cleanser that isn’t too harsh, go with a moisturizer that is right for your skin and don’t forget that SPF-infused makeup that will keep your skin beautiful when you are in the sun!


All Natural Facial Masks

Finally, once a week you should be using an all-natural facial mask that will lock in the moisture for your skin and that will keep it looking plump and oh-so-delicious!  I use a honey and yogurt face mask and girls, let me tell you, it works wonders!  These two products mixed together will create a beautiful mixture that will leave your skin glowing, smooth and all sorts of soft!

While these are just a few of the tips that I use to keep my skin oh-so-beautiful in the hot, hot heat of the summer and the bitter cold of the winter (and every season in between!), do you have any more tips you use?  Tell me ’bout ’em girls, I wanna know!

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