Dressing Stylish with Little Cash


You can dress stylish without a lot of cash. Yes, you can. You just have to know how. Let’s talk about the office. Keep it simple for the office. You don’t need to have a lot in your wardrobe. You can always mix and match. Be sure, though to purchase about three pairs of black pants, two pairs of black skirt (pencil skirt and A-line skirt) and white shirt blouses (long and short sleeves) and a blazer or two.

One of your choices should be pin stripe pair of pants to give the body length and to give your wardrobe variety. A pair of jeans is good for casual Fridays. You can wear the blazer with both the pants and jeans. Go to department stores such as Ross for Less or Burlington. You will get good value and lower prices. For shoes, have about 3 pair of shoes for comfort; one flat and one low heel and one higher heel. However, purchase shoes that will last. Ross for Less and Burlington will have an affordable collection to choose from. Each year, you will buy new ones to replace the ones you have worn all year.


Over accessorizing is not going to be necessary for work. Of course, a few scarves, belts and handbags should be included in your wardrobe. Don’t worry about name brands when it comes to work. You could shop at Payless Shoe store for low-priced handbags and shoes. You probably will find some great accessories there as well.

Tip: Switch up accessories with different outfits for a different look. Many people know how to combine accessories with the right outfit to look stunning. You would think they bought it in an expensive boutique. Believe me, you can find a great outfit in K-Mart and put it together with some cheap accessories and shoes, fix your hair and step out in style.


Scarves give your outfit personality. You can wear the same outfit with a different scarf each week and some people cannot tell that it is the same outfit. That is how important scarves are. So make sure you have at least 10 scarves. You can use a scarf as a belt in a pair of jeans. You can wear scarves around the neck with a low cut blouse to hide the bust line. They are not expensive.

Thrift Stores

I can’t say enough about thrift stores. You can find some great bargains there; even though most people shy away from it. You may get lucky and find a designer outfit. So don’t say ‘no’ to thrift stores. Have some time on your hands because you may have to search until you find what you want, but the prices are worth it. From handbags, to apparel, accessories and belt, you can find these at any local thrift store.


How do you shop? Do you just buy the first thing you see or you a discount shopper? Do you check out stores known for their low prices? Or do you shop where it is convenient for you? Let us hear what you have to say by leaving your comments below.

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