Different ways to use MAC paint pots


There are a wide variety of ways to use MAC paint pots, which are considered cream eye shadows. These products are versatile to use because of the variety of ways you can utilize them. You can apply them on the eyelids. You can use them as an eye liner. You can use as a primer and you can also use it as a base color to cover the eye shadow and any pigments on the face.

An eye color that is heavily pigmented and is applied as a creamy solution will probably dry to a vibrant finish. It will be long lasting and provide a seamless coverage without any weight or caking on the skin. It is smoothly blended into the skin and over the eyelids when you apply it. The cream based MAC paint pots can be combined with the MAC eye shadow and eye liner for an even better finish.

Different Shades

MAC paint pots come in nine different shades:

  1. Bare Study
  2. Soft Ocher
  3. Painterly
  4. Indianwood
  5. Groundwork
  6. Rubenesque
  7. Constructivist
  8. Blackground
  9. Quite Natural

Every now and then, MAC will release varying editions of their shades and sometimes, they will bring different collections to the marketplace. However, their permanent collections are usually in small quantities and less colors. Most of the colors come in neutrals. In the past, the company dabbled in more colors, but most of them have been discontinued without any replacements or added shades – only newer shades.

Discussing some of the Shades

Rubenesque is a golden peach color with frosted gold pearl. It is sheer, which means that it cannot be worn alone. You have to layer it with dense coverage. You can wear it as a base, especially if you are wearing bronze or peach eye shadows. Once applied, it is consistently smooth and easily blends in.

Painterly comes in a nude beige creamy color. It is neutral and is best used as a base, if you are wearing neutral eye shadow. It is a multipurpose paint pot because you can use it as a natural shade. It makes your eye lids look smooth and even. It is also easy to blend into the skin due to its smooth finish.

Bare Study is another multiuse paint pot that comes in a soft beige frosted color. Because of its frostiness and sheerness, you cannot wear it alone on the eye lids. You can use it as a base under your eye shadow. Your eye shadow will stand out more. It works better to highlight the eye brows.

Indianwood comes in a deep pigmented metallic gold color. It can be worn alone or combined with a bronze eye shadow. To bring out the gold color, you can wear with MAC bronze eye shadow. It is noticeable smooth and easy to apply, blending in well.

Groundwork comes in a neutral taupe color and can be used on any skin tone. It is ideal to use when you are looking for that smokey-eye effect. You can use it alone on the eye lids with some eye liner, mascara and a brow highlight.


You can use your finger when applying any of these MAC paint pots. The fingertips help to blend out any harsh edges. If you want to use a brush, opt for a flat one. You could also use a small concealer brush or lip brush, which works better with the drier paint pots such as ‘Groundwork.’ Large brushes will not pick up the product that well. Enjoy using your MAC Paint Pots! Let us hear your experience with paint pots. Leave your comments below.


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