Different ways to treat your sandal feet for the summer


You need to have picture perfect feet if you are going to wear sandals, wedges or flip flops during the summer. You should consider scheduling your pedicures more often, possibly even sooner – if you can afford it. Here are some suggestions to keeping your feet in good condition, right from the comfort of your own home. This means that you have no excuse.

Wash and Rinse

When you opt to wear sandals, you need to be aware of the fact that dirt will collect on your feet. In addition, the hot temperature can make your feet sweat a lot. This isn’t the ideal condition for toes. If you want to have good looking feet, make sure that you wash your feet regularly and rinse thoroughly, especially when you wear sandals. After washing and rinsing your feet, put on some moisturizing lotion to prevent cracked heels or dry feet. This may seem simple, but if you follow this tip, you will see the difference in the way that your feet look and feel.

Soak Tired Feet

Did you know most of these types of open toe shoes don’t really support your back and feet? That doesn’t mean that you cannot wear them. However, when you are shopping for sandals – try to find those that have thick soles for back and arch support. If you stand for very long during the days and your feet begin to hurt, get a basin with warm water and soak your tired feet. After a day in the summer heat, your feet may get swollen. Do the reverse by soaking your feet in a basin filled with cold water for up to fifteen minutes.

Massage Those Feet

Another excellent way to sooth those tired feet is to get a foot massage or do one for yourself. Combine moisturizing cream and peppermint oil. Rub this on your feet as if you were giving a foot massage. However, first you would soak your feet in warm water after adding bath salt. This actually will relax you and revive your feet in the process. For quick foot massage, use pumice stone to exfoliate the feet. The heel and toes should get most of the attention. Use a shaver for your calluses and then put on some foot moisturizing lotion, especially on the parts that are the driest. To get the best results, apply your foot moisturizing prior to bedtime. Put on some cotton socks after applying to hold in the moisture while you sleep.

Flawlessly Polished

Complete your pedicure with a shiny top coat. Select a color that you like and plan to spend sufficient time ensuring that it doesn’t get smudged, but is dry. You have all the time in the world when you are at home. On top of that, you can actually polish your toes with sandals on your feet while it dries. This means you can actually change your nail color as often as you want.


How do you spoil yourself at home? What are your guidelines for having toes that are sandal ot flip flop ready? Let us know in the comments below. We value your thoughts.

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