Choosing Your Trench Coat Wisely After 40


A trench coat is usually considered a mandatory essential because it is a true classic and you will always look chic and elegant wearing one. Do you agree? You can wear your trench coat long or short. It looks great either way with any outfit. For this season, you will find a wide variety of trench coats – from the amazing cuts to contemporary versions. The lightly colored coat is great for versatility. The brighter colored trench helps to create an excellent dynamic between your hips and legs.

Short and Long

Trench coats worn over a pair of jeans or pants will look awesome on anyone. It can also be worn easily with an A-line skirt. When the trench coat is shorter, it will make you look more youthful and sportier. When the coat is longer, it will give you a classic look. I believe everyone should own a trench coat; long or short. It is stylish, not the average look and will get you noticed. I prefer bright colors in comparison to neutral colors. With a skin tone like I have, a beige trench coat will have to be rescued by a colorful ensemble.

Blossom Trench Coat

Jun Ji Hyun is the fashion designer who created the Blossom Trench Coat collection. It is comfy, perfectly tailored and stylish. Jun Ji Hyun not just designed the coats, but wears them herself. The collection consists of coats that can be worn in any season. Most are in neutral colors and easily matched up with pastel colored outfits. For example, with a pastel-colored top and white skirt, the trench coat can make you look amazingly chic. You don’t even need a lot of accessories.

Classic Trench

For a classic trench coat, think double breasted, button tabs, cuffs and belt. You will find this piece tailored and in various colors like beige, pink and navy blue.

Elegant Trench

If you want to demonstrate elegance, you will like the elegant trench piece that will make you look more expensive. Choose one that is over-sized, yet flattering. You will have a choice of varying colors that you can wear in any season or occasion.

Draped Trench

What will a trench with open front – not do for a gal? It is excellent for those warm spring days. You can wash it in a machine without getting it damaged and unlike the other expensive pieces, this one is affordable.

Outwear Trench

What about an outwear trench coat? It is excellent for those who love being outside and still want to look fashionable while hanging out. The Helly Hansen outwear trench is the perfect piece for a distinctive style. You have a choice of five colors.

Single Breasted Trench

If you hate the plain styled trench coat, you can compromise with a single breasted trench. It is padded and has a detachable hood, coming in a wide range of patterns, prints and shapes.

How to Wear

You can wear your trench coat layered over different ensembles. You can wear in varying lengths and colors. If you have a petite figure, wear your trench above the knees. If your boobies are noticeable, opt for a single-breasted trench. If you have a small bust, definitely choose the double-breasted trench.


For women over 40 years old, you can still look fabulous in any type of trench coat. Just match it with your body type and skin tone. Wear your trench coat and feel fabulous – every time! Let us know what you think about this piece by leaving your comments below.

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