Before & After: Sheri


Sheri is in her late 30’s. As you can see, she looks tired, frumpy, and positively country – not to mention out of date. Because she has a young child and owns a business, Sheri’s had no time for herself. She just… let herself go. I did personal coaching with her, encouraging her to put herself first. Then I changed her hair color and style to something fun and “wild”. Giving her more color *really* brought out her gorgeous features. Chanel makeup softened her face and she looks positively classy! I also picked out brighter colors in her wardrobe that made her feel more energetic and sexy. WOW !!!!!!!!! Now her image *really* makes a statement. Her employees (men) are flirting with her constantly. Her own SON barely recognized her! Sheri is now using her pics as her screensaver on her computer. She says she’ll *never* go back to her old self again. She has confidence and is making changes in every facet of her life. I am so proud of her.