Before & After: Nanci


Nanci is in her 50’s. She’s a professional woman who’s spent the last several years taking care of her elderly Mother. Neglecting herself, Nanci started to take on the appearance of an elderly woman, which I call the ”Spinster Mode Look”. Nanci desperately wanted to use my Transformational Coaching to gain her life back. In her younger days she was a complete “knockout”. She wants to date again and get a more youthful sexy look. She has the most fantastic personality and is every woman’s best girlfriend.

I jumped on this one *fast* as she has been a very good client and friend for years. I changed her hair color from blond to a honey color with highlights, and changed her makeup to a super classy and glamorous look. Now as you can see, she is the envy of all! What a transformation. I put her in the brightest, hottest colors for her wardrobe. Anything a little flashy will do for my Nanci!. She’s found herself again with all the glitz and glam. Now, we are going to find a MAN! She’s on her way to Vegas for a weekend holiday. Hey, remember Nanci, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” With that” hot” look, I can’t wait to hear about this trip!