Before & After: Desiree


Desiree is in her early 40’s. As you can see, she is extremely conservative in dress and not much makeup at all. As I got to know Desiree over the years, I discovered she was very much a professional woman, a true sweetheart, but not very flexible when it came to changing her appearance. I knew that she was picking the wrong styles and colors for herself. Deep down inside, there was an exotic woman screaming to come out.

I convinced her to wear makeup and chose colors that made those beautiful eyes just “POP”. We used foundation and blush to give her the “go for it” look. I wanted Desiree to have more of an edgy look about her. Vavoom !!!!!!!!!! Now we have it! She is WAAAY HOT! She now has a confidence that she never had before. Men are stopping her constantly and whistling at her, and she loves her new look and attitude!