Becoming Part of the Global Chic Fashion Trend


Do you want a global chic look? Are you a well-travelled fashion trendsetter? Are you inspired by some of the various fashion trends across cultures around the world? Global chic spreads across different fashion items – from jewelry, clothing, shoes, and handbags to cosmetics. IMAN, Jason Wu and Neiman Marcus are some of the powerhouses in the global chic arena. From vivacious colors to tribal fabrics and floral prints, designers are blending patterns and a variety of prints from around the world to create diverse pieces for a chic look and you can take advantage of that. You can have complete access to celebrity fashion trends and step out in glamor and glitz without the heavy price tag. Neiman Marcus offers you that and more. A global chic clothing collection should consist of items that you would wear daily, on special occasions and that provide versatility.

Anticipating the Fashion Trends

There are times when you may find it challenging to make adjustments to the new fashion trends without having to spend too much. It all depends on how much advance notice fashion designers and retail marketers provide when announcing their new pieces – so you can be prepared. With the fall season on its way, you can’t go wrong with neutral colors, jackets, boots and scarves, which are the usual anticipation. However, what exact pieces to choose from your fall closet or buy for your closet is probably going to be the question.

What to Expect?

Just so you know, I got the inside scoop that global chic is one of the expected collections for the fall. That is what you will see on the city streets for fall 2014. What exactly is this global chic? It is a mix of various patterns, colors, prints and textures from around the world, but with a western spin. You shouldn’t be leery about mixing patterns. In fact, this is a chance for you to experiment with some new stuff for a fabulous look. When pattern is mixed with the right colors, you can create a dynamic look – too much to pass up for making an amazing fashion statement.

Global chic fashion trend is going to bring shorter pants with cuffs worn above the ankle, but longer than capri pants. Fabric is also going to play an important role in this trend. Don’t ridicule the new fall pieces. You can create your own signature look and style by embracing them and stepping out of your comfort zone. In fact, many of them are great confidence boosters. A midi dress, for example, coupled with a scarf of contrast colors, a chain belt, pumps, long statement necklace and handbag can turn you into a fashion model without actual walking on the runway. A basic black dress with a floral jacket can turn heads also.


There are so many ways that you can be part of this global chic fashion trend, but you must be willing to experiment and not afraid to try new things. It doesn’t matter if you are in your early twenties or late fifties. There is always something for you. Tell us what you think about this trend and what you are considering for your fall wardrobe when it comes to global chic.


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