Adding Pointed Toe Flats to Your Wardrobe


Pointed-toe shoes are on point for another seasonal round – no pun intended. On top of that, it is looking more sleek, elegant and sophisticated. So, ladies, it is time to put those chunky heels at the back of your shoe closet. The pointy shoe is the retro trend from the 60s and designers are taking advantage of its narrowness and sleekness. This is going to be the right pair of shoes to wear if you want to dress up and look trendy. In fact, it will give you a fresher look and will match almost everything you have in your wardrobe.

The Style

The pointed-toe shoes is classic and carries an adaptable style. However, unlike the 60s version, this one is updated with burst of colors, decorations, bows and studs. Remember when Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn wore their pointy-toe shoes? It was the fashion statement of the 60s. Now, designers have tweaked it to make it look more fashionable and contemporary.

More Color

Years ago, women would wear patent leather shoes in black or white. Now they are going for more colors and style. Some women are still stuck on nude or basic colors, but the pointed-toes shoes also come in a variety of colors to choose from.

Shoe Addict

If you are not a shoe addict like most of us gals, it is time to grab a pair of pointy-toe heels. You will look classy and this adds a nice stylish silhouette to your attire. You must have one of these pair of shoes to punctuate your shoe collection. There is nothing that won’t look good with this. It adds a little height and grace to your structure and is amazing with any outfit.

Different Versions

At New York’s Fashion week, the pointed-toe heels were showcased on the runway, some being worn with ankle-straps and then you have the bootie version. These pointed-toe shoe styles are sensual, fabulous and make any woman look sexy. Compared to many shoe silhouettes, the pointed-toe shoes is one of the most appealing on a gal’s feet.

Its Attributes

One of the ideal attributes of this shoe is its versatility and flexibility – you can wear it with a dress, skirt, or pair of pants. Michelle Obama, President Obama’s wife has worn a great deal of pointed-toe pumps with medium heel. She has also worn it as a bootie at her husband’s inaugural. And you know the First Lady has good taste.

European Women

European women love to wear pointed-toe shoes, especially those with very high heels. They will often pair the shoes with a pantsuit, pencil skirt, midi dress, cropped pants or sheath dress. Some will even go as far as choosing a boyfriend jean to combine with this elegant pair of shoes. If you want to create a unique trend and highlight your feminism, wear it with skinny jeans, leather jacket and T-shirt. If you want to go casual, wear the pointed-toe flats with shorts and a top.


Don’t assume that because the pointed-toe shoes are narrow, they will be very uncomfortable. That is not true. Some of them come in wide width. When you wear a pair of pointed-toe shoes, you are making a statement of an empowered woman. Let us hear what you think about this by leaving your comments below.

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