7 Ways to Make Money from Home


Anyone can work from the comfort of their home, if they want to. And yes, there are legitimate ways to earn money while working from home. You can use your talent, experience, expertise and skills to make money. All you need is a reliable phone line, online access, a computer or laptop, an email address and time to get started. Below are some ideas that you can start with.

Resume Writing

If you have worked in the Human Resource or other staffing field, resume writing would be ideal for you. You could also include cover letters as part of the package. There are companies online that hire resume writers. You could also place ads in your local newspaper to let people know of your service. In fact, this is a great place to start. Be sure to set your price beforehand.


Many people make their living as bloggers. You can become a guest blogger for different clients, but you have to develop relationships with other website owners who will accept your client’s blog posts. You could also create and maintain your own blog. To make an income, you would sell affiliate products on your blog while providing valuable information. Start by becoming an Amazon associate. It’s free! You will be able to list all the products that complement your blog.

Flip Domain Names

Domain names are in demand. You can secure popular domain names, create a website around them and resell them for a profit. Conduct keyword research first to see which would be popular. Gear those keywords around the domains that you purchase. You can make a decent living from this.

Freelance Your Services

If you have a specific skill or expertise, why not freelance your services? If you know how to write or create websites, you can find clients easily by signing up to a freelance website and offering your services. Some of these sites include freelancer.com, elance.com, guru.com and odesk.com. You could also peruse the Internet to find websites that could use your service and contact the website owners directly.

Sell Old or New Items

I know you have lots of stuff lying around your home that you could sell on eBay or other auction sites. This is extra cash in your pocket. It could be an old computer, new discounted clothing, a cellphone or anything collecting dust around the home.

Sell Household Junk

You can also sell your household junk in a yard sale. That way, you don’t have to ship anything. You may have heard the saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” This is so true. De-clutter your home and sell the old stuff you no longer need. .

Child Care

If you are a stay at home mom, babysitting other kids is a great way of making extra money. This doesn’t have to be a full time day care. You could watch two other kids besides your own because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself either.


There are other ways to make money from home, but start by honing in on your skills. When all else fails, sell the things that are around the home. Do you have any great money-making suggestions? We would love to hear and so would our audience. Leave your comments below.

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