7 Different Ways to complement a draped jacket


There are multiple ways to complement a draped jacket for the fall season. Draped jackets provide ease and comfort. This popular trend has some big name celebrities such as Miranda Kerr gracing the shoulders with sexy draped jackets. They make every gal look sophisticated and elegant. We have provided some different ways that you can adorn your ensemble with a draped jacket.

Downplay Your Colors

We all know that during the summertime, we gals prefer bright colors for the fun of it. However, for the fall, it is mostly about wearing earthy and neutral colors. So if you have a flowing jacket, be sure to downplay the colors a little. You can wear a brighter colored outfit, but make sure that the draped jacket is black, beige or grey.

Go Big or Go Home

You can wear an oversized draped jacket for fun. If you are going to go big with your jacket, it is more ideal to wear an outfit with a tailored look. It could be a pair of skinny jeans and t-shirt or other top. It could be a dress with leggings. Throw your oversized draped jacket over this outfit and you are good to go.

Go for Leather

Leather is a material that is always in season. A leather jacket can be worn even during the summer, if you are going to be indoors. You can throw a leather jacket over your shoulder whether you are wearing a dress or skirt outfit. It is edgy and flirtatious.

The Casual Look

If you would rather have a casual and informal look, go for a pair of boyfriend jeans and top with your draped jacket. You could opt for an oversized denim jacket. Or if you would like to keep it business-like, drape a blazer over the same ensemble.

Trench Coat

I know you must have that trench coat in your wardrobe. Every girl should have one. If you have to go out and buy one, be sure to pick up one that has silky fabric. It creates movement and flexibility when draped over the shoulders. Add a little pop of color with a red trench coat over an all-black ensemble.

Flirty Look

Want to create a flirty look? Choose a peplum or skater dress or a dress with a combination of lace and leather. Use a leather jacket to drape over the shoulders – perfect mix! You will create a subtle, but chic look.


A cardigan is another fashion item that is popular all year round. These days, cardigans are being designed in all shapes and forms. An oversized cardigan, for example, can provide that fashionista look. It is ideal for cool weather – pretty much like a blanket. Moreover, this is one item that is so affordable. You must put one in your closet, if you haven’t already done so.


Ok, so these are just some of the ways to work with a draped jacket, if you want to be fashion smart. I hope you will be trying to implement your own style with one of these looks this season. Which one do you prefer? Let us hear your comments below.

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