10 Ways To Stop Being A Victim


So many women have embraced the concept of being a victim. It could be experiences from the past. However, despite the cause, it is time to stop being a victim. You probably don’t know how to do this so I have some great suggestions to get you started. You don’t want to get stuck and have no control over your life. That is what playing the victim does. Forget the self-pity. It is time to get out of this funk by taking the right actions.

Take the focus off yourself

First, you have to change your mind set by actively and proactively deciding that you won’t be the victim anymore. Take the focus from yourself and put that focus on helping someone. You would be surprised how this one action will help you tremendously. You will not only provide value to another person, but it could be a rewarding process as well. Force yourself to do this. One way to start is volunteering at a shelter. You will see how bad others are doing and then you will take a different approach to your own life by being thankful.

Behavior patterns and habits

Change your behavior patterns and old habits. Stop the negative chatter and gravitate towards the positive. Surround yourself with positive people. Instead of judging yourself, do a self-evaluation to make distinct and recognizable changes.

Decide – once and for all

Try to make a decisive choice to turn things around. No one is going to do it for you. You have to be responsible and accountable. It is about time!

Choose one thing at a time

Select one thing at a time to change. Decide upfront what it is going to be. It could be how differently you respond to situations. Let’s say you are driving around the parking lot and cannot find a parking space. Are you going to blame another motorist for sitting in the car with the engine running instead of putting the car into reversing and exiting the parking space that you are waiting for? No, just keep driving around or wait until the person decides to move. Look at the positive – you may be learning patience.

Mental stop sign

Put up a mental stop sign when you start to think like a victim, especially when you start to put up a defense or ready to play the blame game.


Don’t be afraid to apologize sincerely by telling someone that you are sorry for blaming them for something that they didn’t do or being sorry for yelling at them. An apology goes a long way to eliminate the victim role.

Taking action

Start making changes with small action steps. One at a time, you will be able to dispel the notion that you are a victim. It won’t change overnight, but you will see noticeable changes.

Empowering yourself

It will benefit you to empower yourself. Instead of saying, “I can’t,” why not say, “I can do this or I will do this?” Once you make up your mind to stop playing the victim game, your positive energy will take over.

An attitude of gratitude

Be grateful for who you are. You are unique and cannot be anyone else. Gratitude puts things into perspective. There are people worse off than you are.

Get outside your comfort zone

It is time to stop being complacent. It is time to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. No one is going to do it for you. You have to take control.


The effort you make is going to decide whether you stop playing the victim or not. It is going to take a conscious decision to turn your life around. Do you have any suggestions for our readers? Leave your comments below.

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