10 Things To Do To Look More Expensive

You may be salivating for a Chanel lipstick in your makeup bag, but can only afford one of those lipsticks from the dollar store. You can look expensive like the celebrities that you see on television. You don’t have to envious of them. Here are some beauty tips below on how to achieve this.

Tip#1 – If you are not yet able to blow-dry your hair in such a way as to make a statement at work, you can keep trying until you perfect this craft. Buy a good blow drier or straightening iron infused with keratin. Use a spritz prior to blow drying or straightening.

Tip#2 – Don’t be fooled by the smell of shampoos. The smell is only one facet of a good shampoo. And on top of that, what you put in your hair after a shampoo is also important. Believe it or not, the Garnier brand of Sleek Finish Serum Spray is not only affordable at six bucks, but also makes your hair look and feel good.

Tip#3 – You don’t have to change your natural hair color. Or if you do change it, don’t do so drastically. Instead, you can do things to enhance the color by choosing a shade that is close to it. You can even use highlights instead of dyeing your hair.

Tip#4 – Accessories can make you look more expensive than you really are; especially if your outfit is in a solid or neutral color. You can wear bolder and funkier pieces of jewelry. These can be purchased from a dollar store or street vendor.

Tip#5 – Wear a chignon hairdo or neat bun at the back of the head. When your hair is worn away from the face, it makes your neck look longer and gives you a sophisticated, elegant and chic appearance. It highlights your cheekbones and makes you look regal.

Tip#6 – BB Creams are packed with anti-aging ingredients and sunscreen. Used over time, this will give you even facial coverage.

Tip#7 – Nail polish can make a difference with your ensemble. Your hand will look elegant with red, orange or blue nail polish. You will look and feel more refined.

Tip#8 – Your makeup should be updated just as you would do with your wardrobe. Each season should come with different items for your makeup collection. Invest in your favorite Chanel lipstick and Dior powder. It will make you feel more expensive.

Tip#9 – Every department store has a makeup artist. These people can be your advisor, friend and confidante. So always make sure you have at least one on your contact list. On top of that, they offer free consultation and sell a wide variety of brand name cosmetics. For a small tip, you can get the most out of them.

Tip#10 – Get some of your clothes tailor-made. Find a tailor in your local area. You can try the local dry cleaner. A tailored outfit will make you look expensive for less. It will personalize your physical shape and give you a tapered length.


Do you have any suggestions when it comes to looking expensive? What have you tried yourself? Has this article been of assistance to you? We would love to hear your thoughts. Leave your comments below.

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